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OT - Thankful Thursday

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We're closing in on the weekend, STalkers. C'mon, end-of-work-day Friday!!!

Father's Day is this weekend, so I'm focusing on the men in my life. I am thankful for:

  • My Dad. Honestly, the man is amazing and has been my entire life. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't dogging his heels to watch him fix something or tackle some chore/repair. Cars, plumbing, drywall, electric, roofing, gardening, livestock, cooking... you name it; the man did it. He always had time to listen to his kids and show them HOW to do something. His patience is endless. He's intelligent, stubborn, loyal, hardworking, funny, strong, interesting, resilient, humble, and downright amazing. Watching him care for my Mom during her long illness and decline proved that he meant his wedding vows of "... for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part." He was loving, patient, and gentle and kept her out of a nursing facility. Mom would never have gotten such wondeful care anywhere else. Now I see him with my SM and witness the same devotion, love, and care. If I am ever half the person my Dad is, I will be doing pretty darn good in life. 
  • My DH. DH lost his father at age 4 (alcoholic). He recently told me, "I grew up trying to be the man my father SHOULD have been."  Well, he succeeded beautifully. If I didn't know better, I'd think my Dad had raised him. Thankfully, BioHo was a freaking moron who had little appreciation for MY sexy hubby. And between DH and Dad, if they can't fix it? It's f*cked! Biggrin
  • The St. Louis Blues! Woo hoo!!! I am SO excited that the winners of the Stanley Cup will be in the U.P. to play an exhibition game against the Detroit Redwings. Woo hoo!!!


Why are YOU thankful?


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Yay for Aniki being here!!!

I'm thankful for:

  • My furbaby. Even when I'm boring and have to study he's right there being the most supportive little buddy. Running? he's down. Snack buddy? Also down. Bad day? He's there for me. He's feeling sick? Cuddle time. My mood is down?  Endless kisses.  He's like a little best friend minion.
  • My co-workers. i have some super awesome ones, even though I'm not a huge fan of my job some days, they make the day a lot better.  We also have lunch plans tomorrow!
  • Quizlet, it's helping me learn all these anatomy and phisiology definitions.
  • Blankets, because this office is cold as s***.
  • StepTalk, because I'm a basket case.
  • The gym, because idk, I love it. Also some of the people, I find them both ridiculous and hillarious.

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PA, I think you forgot to mention the punching!

Furbabies are wonderful!!!

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Oh my! How could I be so careless as to forget my precious punching bag?!?!


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Hola Aniki!

  • I'm thankful for sunrises. How I love to be out in the sun!
  • I'm thankful for my amazing funny best friend who always knows just what to say
  • I'm thankful for understanding, patience, and the ability to keep showing up even on days that I don't feel like it.
  • I'm thankful for rainy days that always motivate me to appreciate the sunshine.

Hope you have a wonderful day Aniki & StepTalkers!

Dance 4

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Hola, Siempre!

Nothing like a good sunrise or sunset! xoxo

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Yay Aniki!!

I'm thankful for the gorgeous evening kayaking on a local lake with friends and new guy. He's a "water baby" but only sailed previously, BUT has taken up be with me. Wink

I'm thankful for new guy proving time and again that he's a grown up who REALLY and truly likes ME, and wants nothing from me except my time and company.

I'm thankful that my kids all seem content and busy with their lives.

I'm thankful for adventure, laughter and romance.

And I'm thankful that I'm staying true to myself. This new relationship isn't going down the way any of my past relationships have. I am not waiting around hoping some man will make plans with me. I'm making plans to do what I want to do and new guy will most likely be invited to join me, but I'm not going to put anything on hold. Thankfully, this one isn't a person who needs a lot of attention and ego strokes from dozens of people to get through the day. He knows how to keep himself busy remodeling his bathroom and building a custom bike from the frame up. And when I am able to see him, I show up to a house that is clean and neat, often with a good meal and a bottle of wine; and the man rolls out the red carpet and treats me like gold. Still pinching myself, but so very thankful.

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I keep waiting for the whiny, crappy toddler wearing a mansuit to show up. I've only ever had serious relationships with emotionally immature "men."

The only thing that riles him up is traffic and stupid drivers. LOL! He is the most unflusterable man I've ever met. A steady Eddie.

Yes, it's wonderful. Smile

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I think that whiny, crappy toddlers masquerading as men should all have to wear diapers. The minute they drop trou, we know and know to ruuuuuuuunnnnn!!!

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Sad to say this, but I am thankful that my father left my mother when he did or my life could have been a long drunken abusive situation.  

Thankful that I get to treat my mother to both Mothers and Fathers day.  She loves to do girly on Mothers Day and yell at the ballfields on Fathers Day

So so ever greatful for my DH.  He isn't my father nor do I have children with him, but he is the best father that I have witnessed.  He does his best everyday in trying to show his son's how to be respectable men.  SS16 is still an asshole and not talking to DH but that is because the shithead does not like to be parented.

Happy Fathers Day to all of the people in your life that fill those shoes.

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Classy, one of my dearest friends was married to an alcoholic. They have 4 children together (24 22, 20, 17). The kids never knew when they would have to "be quiet for dad". IOW, be quiet so he didn't fly into a drunken rage. And since he was drunk every day/night, the kids were uber-sensitive and very nervous. He cheated on her and left her for another woman 7 years  ago. To say that their home underwent a change is an understatement. The kids started doing MUCH better in school and the home became a happy one. The kids saw their dad a handful of times, but begged their mom to stop making them go (his gf is also a drunk). Today, my friend is a Mimi to 3 grandchildren who have never met their grandfather. 

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It's a sad thing to go thru.  I saw my father (we call him sperm donor) may be 5 times since he left when I was 4.  I'm pretty sure my mom kicked him out - she was tired of my older bro and sis seeing him hit her.

I never felt comfortable around him so was never left alone with him.  I tell the boys all the time they are blessed to have a dad like DH and to please appreciate and love him as much as he loves them.


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I'm so sorry you and your family lived that. My friend's ex tried to hit her once and her then13yo son stopped him. He was big for his age and already taller than his dad. He is likely the reason why she never became a physically abused wife. 

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I haven't laid eyes on my father (sperm donor) in 24 years. He was a cruel man and about as approachable as a porcupine.

I'm glad that my 2 of my children had very limited exposure to him and the youngest never met him.

I'm off the hook for Father's Day, but texted the kids to remind them to remember their dad.

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I merely reminded them because the older two live far enough away that they have to remember that letters take time. Especially DS28 who just moved to Colorado. He was fairly clueless when he lived in the same town.

DD25 will have been planning ahead, but I included all 3 kids so no one felt singled out.


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My donor always acted like I was the love of his life to my aunt and grandmother, but when he passed at the young age of 54 the people at the funeral were surprised to see me.  He never admitted to have any children.  My older brothers and sister and from another father.


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Damn, classy. Do you think he was ashamed to admit he had children? Or simply didn't want people to know?

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I have no idea.  He was a musician and a drunk.  At first it bothered me but then Mom said it was his problem and not mine


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Thankful for very supportive people in my life.

Sadly lost older sis last week.

She is now in a better place ,I believe that with all my heart,and free from pain .And I know someday we'll be together again laughing and sharing stories.


Aniki , you are so blessed to have your dad and that you cherish him is a testimony  that he is a good father.

I hope he has not returned home as of yet  and that you can celebrate him on Father's Day .

Hugs to you,hon.




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Wicked... hon, I am so sorry for your loss!! {{{{{HIGS}}}}}

Dad is still in town. My sister and I are taking him out for breakfast on Father's Day. I always wear his favorite color (blue). Smile

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* Thankful for warm, summer-like weather this week. So nice to leave without a coat on!

* Thankful for my friends who are keeping me busy and out of the house this weekend.

* Thankful for DH who is working his rear off on a deadline and somehow is managing to keep it together AND is not upset I'm leaving this particular weekend (I did promise to bring home a meal on Sunday night so no one has to cook).

* Thankful for job interviews that are going very, very well so I may have a job transition soon!