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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! It's been a minute since I've done one of these. When life gets hectic, it helps me put things into perspective. 

I am thankful for:

  • my DH. No matter how tired he is, he always has time for me. To listen, snuggle, rub my feet, get my meds... the little things add up.
  • my Dad. I'm still struggling with long covid. Dad always helps me see that my struggles are progress, slow as they may be.
  • A new shower head. Woo hoo!!! This thing is huge and makes me feel like I'm standing under a small waterfall. 
  • Good relationships with all of the skids. Ten years ago, I would have poo-poo'd the idea that it would ever happen. Ha, even 5 years ago! SD28 called to ask if we could have dinner because she misses me. Who'da thunk?


What are you thankful for today?


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Thankful that my 78 year old mother bounced back so quickly after hip surgery.  She is moving right along.

Thankful that my DH takes such good care of us and always has a smile and a kiss for me.

Thankful that the cellar dweller (SS19) finally cleaned the damn bathroom!

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I am thankful that even though my kids don't use the path I think they should, they're all (BS38, BS 34, SS 27) healthy, happy and have wives/gf who love them and most importantly tolerate them. 

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Thankful for my flexible job and a manager that appreciates me. I get to flexibly use my "over" vacation hours as I want to in order to stay under the maximum cap so that means a couple extra days off a month for now until I can take a real vacation this summer. I am lucky.

Thankful for DH who is a pill or a 13 yo boy in man's clothing much of the time but I know he loves me and wants the best for both of us.

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A quiet home to go to after a stressful day.

Thankful for coffee to keep me alert, and wine for helping me forget.

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I am thankful to have my DW with me.  There are struggles with her home officing, and I am still getting structure in place in my role of nearly 11mos but all in all it is going prety well.  Mostly it is great to be together every day.

I am thankful that my mom and dad (77 & 79) are healthy, happy, and their kitchen remodel is nearly done. It is looking beautiful.

I am thankful that my kid is over his bout with Omicron BA2. It looks like it is about on par with Omicron and he was not debilitatingly sick.

I am proud of my baby bro who just was promoted to Sr. VP of Ops and Supply Chain.  No doubt he will be a CEO before he hangs up his career spurs.

I am thankful that my Niece and Nephews are thriving in their lives and with their mates.

I am thankful that my new Borg parts are in hand I and I leave for the Pump and CGM launch meeting at my Endocrinologists office in an hour and 15mins. This new Diabetes tech stuff is exciting.

I am thankful that my first 6wks at 58yo have gone well.

Happy Friday Eve everyone.  

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A bit late due to too much work.

I'm thankful that the Covid restrictions eased and I got to travel to see my family.

I'm doubly thankful that we had uninterrupted sunshine in a country famous for its rain as my mother, who has an auto-immune disease, isn't comfortable with in-door dining.  We managed to actually enjoy rather than endure eating outside.

I'm also thankful to be back home.  Travel is nice and we stayed in a fantasic hotel but I never sleep as well as in my own bed.