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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! I've been having a hectic week for pretty much the entire month. Ish. Hope yours is going well!

I am thankful for:

  • The usual: a good job, a reliable car, and a solid roof over my head.
  • My sister, who made Mom's spaghetti sauce and gave us half. It's always a little bittersweet making/eating one of Mom's special recipes.
  • Actually getting back some money from the IRS. Woo hoo!!!
  • My DH. Lord, I love that hardworking, frequently tired, curmudgeony, sexy man. <3


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Thankful that my allergic reaction, that has put me in the hospital, is not a more serious disease they were considering. I get to go home today!!! Woot! So thankful for our healthcare system in Canada. I’m not out of pocket a gazillion dollars for my three day hospital stay.

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I'm Thankful for:

  • Food
  • The computer DH got me that I used to design a logo las tminute today
  • The patient person I got on the phone today
  • That I packed lunch today
  • DH got all day Saturday off from work to spend with me!!!

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Yay!! Have fun Saturday!

Psssst... does food include one of those Nutrageous thingies? Wink

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I am thankful for peace, quiet and the good people I have in my life. I am also thankful that my dog has better table manners and eats more politely than the feral child I saw at lunch time.

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Myss, I hear you about table manners. The way some people cram food into their gaping maws... ~shudder~

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I'm thankful for sunshine and for the potential of 70 degree weather on Saturday.

I'm thankful for finally being able to maintain a few good and new habits: exercise, dieting and packing my lunch.

I'm thankful to be returning to volunteer work tonight with an organization I worked with about 12-15 years ago. Love this place and I get to mentor young moms.

I'm thankful for a good job, good friends, a loving family, great neighbors, excellent health coverage and my beautiful home.

Kumbaya, people!

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Kumbaya, FB!

I eat SO much better when I pack my lunch.

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I do as well. And I eat the SAME food almost every day, so my calorie tracking app has it really easy. LOL

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Well, the food choices in the 'crapfeteria' leave a lot to be desired. The ONLY things I can eat from there without having... digestive distress are grilled cheese, pancakes, and cheeseburgers.

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— being able to travel back to home town to see family and friends

— having great friends stay 3 days but insist on leaving before they smell like fish (lol)

— Ability to zip line this week over the beautiful mountains

— great spring weather

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