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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! It has been a crazy work week; the kind that makes you wish for a loooong vacation, a private island, and/or a winning lottery ticket. 

I am thankful for:

  • DH finding a new job. *yahoo* I know he's a little nervous about being the new guy, but he's excellent at what he does and will be a-okay. His previous employer thought nothing about calling him 24/7/365. Holidays, middle of his sleep schedule, days off, vacation... no boundaries.  
  • A diagnosis and treatment plan for Mrs. Nice's Dad. Woo hoo!!! He has been through the wringer and there were times it looked like the end. Not entirely out of the woods yet, but the mystery has been solved and he's improving.
  • My Dad. He and my SM are here for the next several weeks. Looking forward to spending time together and taking him to breakfast for Father's Day! *biggrin*
  • Our veggie garden. This is the first one we've planted and it looks great. The radishes are going crazy!
  • Dentist visit with no new issues. Biggrin


Hope you have a wonderful day!!! *give_rose*


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You have so much to be thankful for! 

Enjoy daddio and SM. Glad his health concerns are being addressed.

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Yes, I do, Stepdrama2020!

I certainly will enjoy time with them. I corrected to clarify; it's Mrs. Nice's dad who is in the hospital.  Smile

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Glad to hear all your good updates.  Hope you don't overdose on radishes.

  • I'm thankful that I mostly work with a nice team at the moment. 
  • I'm also thankful that I'm the count down to vacation.  Only a couple of weeks to go. 
  • Finally I'm thankful that the place we are going makes soap that is so soft it doesn't irriate my skin.  I'm going to stock up and make sure to find a good producer who will ship to where I am.  I've stuggled with this over the pandemic.


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TASM, is it possible to OD on radishes? *crazy*

I plan to pickle some to eat at a later date. 

Yay for vacation! Hope you have a wonderful time!!

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My DS57 had a colonoscopy which detected a malignant polyp.  While he was being tested pre-surgery, they found 80% blockage of his arteries.  He had a triple bypass last week.  I'm thankful the problems are being detected and treated.  He is recovering well.  He gets released today or tomorrow.  Im very thankful.


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Wow, Aniki - you have a lot of good things happening right now! I am so happy for you. 

I am thankful for:

DH's nephew being born healthy

Time spent with his 4 year old nephew, who stayed with us while his mom was in the hospital. We had lots of fun playing Wii watching Disney movies. 

DH is getting job offers so maybe he won't be so miserable, as his current boss is an a-hole. 

Took my 80 year old dad fishing at our old fishin hole. He loved it and wants to go again soon. He used to take me there when I was little and now I am casting his pole for him sometimes because he has rotator-cuff issues with his shoulder. 

Family therapy will continue. Its helping a lot. 

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Shieldmaiden, you have plenty to be thankful for, too!

Fishing with your dad sounds awesome. I love spending time with mine. 

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I'm thankful that I can still re-examine myself and my mood swings and apologize to co-workers when I need to!  Gonna make a post about it.  

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I'm thankful that I can generally remain calm when others are off the rails. I think the details are better kept for Eff Off Friday.

And I'm thankful for a wonderful, wonderful boss, who is moving to a new position in a couple of weeks. I like the incoming boss just fine and I'm not worried about the transition, but current boss and I are sympatico. Trust, honesty, support, laughter, all that. Boss jackpot. He took me to lunch at a restaurant I'd not tried yet (because DH has the palate of a 7-year-old). Vietnamese. Spring roll. Pho with tofu and veggies in a chicken broth. I'm thankful for all of it. And i'm thankful for leftovers that DH won't eat!

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That lunch sounds yummy, Merry! I'm chuckling over that 'palate of a 7-year-old' comment. My DH has been surprising me the last several months with things he is willing to try (and likes!). Maybe his palate is finally growing up.