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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Thursday, STalkers! Haven't done a Thankful Thursday in a long while, so here we go...

I focusing on people today and am thankful for:

  • The years I had my Mom. She passed away 9 years ago today and I miss her still. I'm thankful that her suffering came to an end, even though it pained me to say goodbye. I'm particularly thankful that I had a lovely dream about her just before I awoke this morning. In that dream, she was happy and healthy and laughing - all the more precious as the last several years of her life were anything but that. 
  • My Dad. We recently celebrated his 90th birthday. I live my life asking What Would Dad Do? He is a man of honesty and integrity, grit and determination, faith and love. If I can be half the man he is, I'm doing a-okay.
  • My boss. I had my 6-month performance review today. My manager said the boss asked him to pass on that... "She is ecstatic with the job you're doing and asked that you please keep up the awesome work." It's so nice to be appreciated.
  •  My DH. He is usually horrible with dates. To my surprise, I walked into the kitchen this morning to find a single red rose (my Mom'd favorite) and a note that said, "I love you, baby".


Hope you're having a good day. *give_rose*


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Thankful for this post, Ani!

Thankful for having a job. 

Thankful for my health, and my DH, and my DD.  And of course my absolutely horrid cats.

Thankful that I found a place that serves vegan soft serve!  And it's good! 

Thankful for this gorgeous fall weather and that my boring flyover state isn't experiencing any fires or hurricanes.

Thankful for my peeps here who keep me sane and centered with steplife.

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Gimmy, you don't honestly believe your cats are horrid!   >^..^<

I'm running out of swimming days. The 'rona has seriously cut into my beach time. Sunday will be mostly sunny with a high of 69. Hoping the beach is scarce...

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Im thankful for my job that is giving me a paid day off tomorrow Biggrin

* Im thankful that I have my home, my fur babies and my health.

* I get to finally go outside, because the fires are somewhat contained.


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I'm thankful that I'm just generally in a good head space right now, especially given the current circus that is 2020.


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I know I'm always so FML but that's my step life. Today I am grateful that I have so many people outside of my step family and so many places to go. I'm staying at my parents' this week because my oldest son is coming to stay a few days. He has an appointment with a brain specialist and while I am not thankful for Covid, we did get an appointment easier becuase they are usually pretty busy with people from all over the country and all over the world. She has treated professional athletes and many others and has even had a patient write a book on how she saved him from his brain injury. I'm grateful that we are finally going to see this doctor and hopefully get the results we've been waiting for. BS26's accident was in April of 2019 and he has been suffering with symtons of a brain injury since then. It's been a long year+ for him. The doc does not take insurance due to her innovative techiniques are not yet covered by insurance so I'm also grateful to not only have the money to pay for it but also have my parents insist on paying for most of it and they will see how much they get back from insurance. We plan on spending about $3000 up front for everything including a follow up appointment. We have no idea how much we will get reimbursed.

I'm also grateful to be a little more me again. I've gone on 2 runs and 2 long walks this week instead of hiding in my room from the skids and from life. I hate that my gym closed because I will go days without leaving the house, stay in pjs all day and sometimes not even shower..eww. Today I ran a mile in about 9 and half minutes. I haven't done that in years. I'm impressed with myself as since I've been married, I barely run and if I do it's sporatic and defintiely slow. I'm going to be sore tomorrow!! That's ok. It will remind me to do some yoga!

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Chmmy, prayers your son gets answers. 

I hear you about leaving the house. I'm the same way. I didn't even go outside yesterday. 

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I'm thankful for my huge stepfamily.  Yes, you heard that right.  5 happy (more or less), healthy, good (mostly) kids.  9 grandkids, 3 great-grandkids.  I am lucky and blessed that all are healthy and each going down their own, crazy life path.  That's the best we can hope for.

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And no, really, I'm not on crack.  Lol.

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JRI, it's lovely you can be thankful for your step family! Not everyone is so lucky. My step life is soooooo different now from when I joined STalk.

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JRI, you warm my heart. I hope I can say the same someday, but not holding my breath - even for a second. Lol

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Aw! He is so romantic!!

I am thankful for you ladies here at STalk.

Also, a special thanks to any of you who added my DH's job hunt to your prayers/energy/vibes list. He got a better job offer on Monday than we could have dreamt!

I am thankful for my loving parents, and my loving DH.

Although they can be total PITAs, I am thankful for my DD and my dog.

I am thankful that we have not had a skid visit since early June, and that DH has decided to wait until skids ask to see him before setting up another visit.

Since skids think they are adults and absolutely refuse to ask for things (they expect things, but actually asking is apparently "beneath" them), I doubt we will see them anytime soon. Thankful for that promising lack of drama and awkwardness too.

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IAW, the funny thing is, he will say he's horrible at being romantic. This from the man who left a trail of rose petals from the door to the bedroom one Valentine's Day. *mosking*

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That's even more lovely!

Maybe he feels like he isn't good at it because his fantasies of romancing you are greater than his actions.

He is a gem.

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That's quite possible. Or residual bad-programming, courtesy of BioHo...

He is most certainly a gem. <3

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* I'm thankful we were not touched by the fires but for a horrible week of smoke and being literally stuck inside the house.

* I'm thankful that I'm seeing the sky get lighter and lighter this morning and HOPING a storm blows through as expected with glorious wind and rain.

*I'm thankful that DH is listening to me and will call his doctor ASAP as it looks like his big toe is infected and he likely needs antibiotics ASAP....following up with him now...(he's getting my bike on the trainer right now so I can get some exercise in).

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Cover, I'm praying for a good soaker!

Oy. Infections are nothing to mess around with. Hope he gets those antibiotics straight away.

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Aniki (((((HUGS))))) your post brought tears to my eyes.

May her Memory be a blessing to you my dear.


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Thumper, {{{HUGS}}} right back!!!

That lovely dream definintely added sunshine to my day. *kiss2*

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I'm thankful that fall is finally arriving. I know I'm in the minority, but I do not love summer. 

I'm thankful that DH and I had an honest heart-to-heart this week about some issues that have been bubbling up between us. We were both honest (even DH felt uncomfortable talking about his feelings) and we are both committed to strengthening our partnership. 

I'm thankful that COVID cases are going down where I live and hope the trend continues. 

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I don't love summer, fall is my favorite season. I love the smells, the colors, the cooler temps, everything. Really, I could do fall all year 'round.


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I'm right there with you, strugglingSM. Summer is my least favorite season for a number of reasons.

That's wonderful about you and your DH facing those issue and committing! My DH is also uncomfortable talking about his feelings. It's how he was raised. IMO, it's only recently that men have been "greenlighted" to discuss their feelings.

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I am so thankful for my DH. As mad as he can make me, sometimes, he loves me, and he gets me, he really gets me.