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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Hurray for Thursday! Sorry I'm so late, but it's been a busy day. 

I am thankful for: 

  • Snow! It's beautiful out there. Keep coming down, lovely little ice crystals! *yahoo*
  • DH's new phone arriving so quickly. He is a big crankypants when he can't read his news.
  • You. Yes, YOU! In case no one told you today: you're beautiful, special, and needed. So many of you I'd love to chat with over a cup of coffee or tea or a glass of wine. <3


Hope you're having a good day! *give_rose*


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Thankful for my rock of a husband that takes such good care of me and my family and never does anything for himself.  

Thankful for Aniki and all of you as well.  You all got me thru some pretty hard years with DBDB and SSnow19.  I would have jumped ship if it wasnt for all of you. 

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for many things. Mostly for never having to see snot nosed face ex SD ever again. She ruined every holiday, actually both ex SD and ex DH did. Heck I used to wish I could be with my drunken folks being crass and drunk on christmas or any given day, and they did, over that sick mess. Thats how bad my step marriage was.

Aniki and Step Talk buds lets have a virtual cup of coffee, or if its 5 oclock somewhere a cocktail or two will do.

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Sad to know being with the drunkies was preferable. 

I AM drinking coffee. Cheers, Stepdrama! *drinks*

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Thankful I have pretty easy gift shopping this year.  AND I know what to get DH (he's difficult).

Thankful for all my super lovely friends both here and on ST!  The support is so so helpful.

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Easy for me, too, Cover. Now to wrap/bag/box and ship which is not as much fun as the shopping.

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To be heading off with SO for a fun weekend in mountains!

And thankful for this whole community for letting me know it's ok to not like and disengage from Bratty SK's!

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That sounds fun, caninelover!

Ain't that the truth?! Blood relatives aren't always likeable and I avoid them (disengage/gray rock). Why should it be any different with skids?