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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Has anyone else been having a Groundhog WEEK? This feels like the fourth Monday of the week. Gaaaaaaaaaaaah...

Thankful It's Thursday! (T.I.T.?)

I am thankful for: 

  • This bloody virus winding down. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • Khavi. That's coffee for you non-Finnish folks. My astrological sign is the coffee bean and my blood type is Dark Roast.
  • My tolerance for cold and love of snow. When I walk outside, I feel ALIVE and INVIGORATED!
  • DH not working this weekend. Woo hoo! An entire weekend with my sexy hubby.


Happy Thursday, STalkers!


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Thank YOU, FB! Hope you're doing well, hon. xoxo

Admittedly, I have days where I am so cranky/sick/upset/downhearted that I have to remind myself it could be much, MUCH worse. Even thinking of a little something like how soft my Suomi Alumni brushed cotton sweatshirt is. I'm feeling cruddy and can't haul a teddy bear or fuzzy blanket into work, so am using this sweatshirt as a substitute.  *blush*

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 Already? Another Thursday..geez..

I am thankful I have not caught whatever YOU had. 

I'm going to the vet to get  a corona virus vaccine to keep that new flu strain away, Ani. Gettin'ahead of the curve.

Thankful that maple syrup making season is almost here !We are gearing up to tap! Exciting.And we have good snow and ice to help bring the sap up when the thaw comes so it should be a good year .


Have a great weekend snuggling with that hunk of hubby.



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It's making the rounds here at work. Dammit.

To the VET?! LMAO!!! Thank you for that laugh, darlin'! It was much needed. I just got off of a teleconference that was the epitome of Irritating. 

How about some pristine snow to pour that maple syrup over ala Little House in the Big Woods?

I plan to, Wicked! *give_rose*

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Ice cold pristine snow and first run high sugar grade AA maple syrup whipped really fast =Amish maple cream..

English style made maple cream  is made with hot hot first run mapleAA  syrup  beaten with an electric mixer set  on turbo with  the quickly cooling  syrup set inside  a metal bowl  is placed in a large bowl of snow or ice. It becomes a creamy  solid maple syrup..Woodwoman AMBROSIA .



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Eight new cops coming in, create image for win10 cop laptop, push to 20 machines,  make sure they all have mifi jetpacks, blah blah blah.  Oh yeah 2019 year end stats which I DREAD because Retired Dude compiled them in Visual Fox Pro...   Archiving of 911 files that I've never done before UGH!  Another image for a tablet... on and on

Looking forward to PAINTING and FLOORING at the rental this weekend for relaxation!

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I am thankful that I am leaving for a vacation. I need it!

I am thankful that I am healthy.

But most of all these days I am thankful that I can find laughter again. Just to laugh and smile is all the medicine I need.

Bless you Aniki

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Queen, enjoy your much-needed vacation!

I'm so glad you can laugh again. I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine. 

Bless YOU, hon. xoxoxo