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OT - Thankful/Thirsty Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers!

Thought I would combine Thankful and Thirsty today (haven't had a Thirsty Thursday for a long while).

I am thankful for:

  • My family members are safe and well.
  • The relative peacefulness of the holiday season this year. Well, at least for DH and me.
    • No fighting holiday traffic (me).
    • Not having to deal with horrific shopping crowds (me).
    • No fretting about getting the house 'shipshape' for Christmas (DH).
    • Me not having to deal with DH getting his knickers in a twist about the kitchen floor not being mopped because I'm still baking the freakin' pies. *lol*
    • Getting to sleep in on Christmas day for the first time in a decade.
  • The ability to work from home. In the beginning, I absolutely loathed it. As I sit here - cross-legged in my recliner - in fleece pants, an oversized sweatshirt, and slippers with no makeup and my hair in a bedhead bun, I'm loving it!
  • King Pita is on vacation all next week. Woo hoo!!! (Too bad it's not all next year.... MEOW!)


Let's bring on some Thirsty Thursday!

What are your favorite things to drink during the holiday season? Despite the cold temps, I typically don't start drinking hot beverages other than my much-love khavi until Christmastime. To name a few - hot AND cold:

  • Apple cider (hot)
  • Cranberry cider (hot - recipe link below)
  • Flavored teas (hot) 
  • Evan Williams eggnog (cold)
  • Brandy Alexanders (ice cold!)

Which reminds me: I need to stick that bottle of eggnog into the refrigerator...

Cranberry Cider:


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I will have to try that cider recipe it looks yummy!

I am thankful for:
A week off of work!
My family and friends are all healthy!
DH's father's cancer is only stage 1! Thank Goodness!

I enjoy hot and cold drinks in the winter:
hot tea (any flavor)
hot cider with a bit of whiskey
hot cocoa with some vanilla vodka
wine...I guess gluhwein is hot, so hot and cold wine.

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Thank goodness for Stage 1!

I usually spike my hot cocoa with Rumple Minze. Vanilla vodka sounds yummy. I have a bottle of Salted Caramel vodka... :D  

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Thankful for all healthy family so far.  My sister getting out of a bad marriage and is to be on her own for the first time EVER; she's never lived truly alone before.  Working remote:  Love. It. Although I do miss seeing people. It'll be nice when regular work starts again b/c we'll still be mostly remote with some on-site days to rotate in. Thankful my two kitties are doing well with multiple health issues ongoing (well, girl kitty has a blood draw coming up but I'm crossing fingers it may just be a medication adjustment).

Thankful my baking is almost done.  Just two more loaves of bread for friends and a batch of rum balls. And one almond/lemon cake for dessert on the 24th. I momentarily lost my mind last week and thought "wouldn't basic sugar cookies be fun to decorate when YSD is here?"  Then i slapped myself after remembering all the prior cookie fiascos and said, NOPE.

I don't really have any favorite winter drinks. I do have some good sherry and rum always stashed away. Champagne is my go-to fave sipper. For morning/afternoons I may make some chai or hot chocolate, or even just coffee and add in some condensed milk (yum!). Rum and hot

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I've easily adapted to not seeing my coworkers and am not looking forward to being back in the office with all of the noise and interruptions. Blech.

I have a bottle of champagne for Christmas dinner since it's just DH and me. 

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and am going to try the cranberry cider recipe this weekend!

I am thankful for

-our relatively good health 

-I am grateful that I don't have to figure out how to celebrate Christmas with skids this year.  I get to stay home and enjoy the holiday without that stressor hanging over me.

-working from home.  Like you it was a struggle but I've hit my groves .  And I never want to wear pants with zippers and a real bra again!  I am a walking add for Duluth Trading.  I have been living in their noga leggings & long sleeve shirts.

--really grateful for the multiple online ordering options and what has been just about round the clock deliveries.  Santa won't let this Grammie down!

-I am most thankful that after months of waiting we get to meet our Beagle rescue this weekend.  If all goes well she will join our family for Christmas.  We lost our sweet girl in August and we've been missing her company in a bad way.

I love making & drinking mulled wine and we enjoy a variety of hot teas.  Right now Celestial's Candy Cane Lane is our favorite.

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Yeah, I hear you on the work clothes thing.  I got rid of some pants and button up shirts and cardigans I only wore to work. Not needed.  Even if we go back a little bit, it's going to be nice jeans and a good top.

I still wear my good jeans though even at home. I have more leggings than ever, but a good pair of jeans helps me!  I have a good butt in them.  LOL. I did get rid of two pairs though (wore holes through them) and haven't replaced them....

And this summer was all about cute tunic sundresses.

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I have never had Butterscotch schnapps! Thats sounds tasty. Biggrin

I've come to loathe wearing a bra. In cold weather, I dress in layers and typicallyy wear a tank with a built-in shelf bra. Must check out Duluth Trading...

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OOHHH lala  gotta try some boozier booze this christmas! Which brings me to what I am thankful for

1. Kicking my DH to the curb which means no more mini wife byatch 23years anymore

2. Kicking my DH to the curb

3. Kicking my DH to the curb

Really right now that is what I am thankful for. Of course I add in good health for my family and friends.

Ladies if you are miserable and your life is stained with a coward DH who kisses the ass of his mini wife  toss him away. Make 2021 your year.  

For those who have steplife more bearable you are very lucky. So be thankful for that.

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StepDrama2020, I plan to spike that Cranberry Cider!

Darlin', it certainly sounds like you will be happy and that you have the mindset to do so. You've got this! {{{HUGS}}}