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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Longfellow said, "Into each life, some rain must fall." But you never expect that rain to be akin to standing under a raging waterfall during spring runoff. Sheesh!! So while that rain is doing its best to beat me down, I do my best the things for which I'm thankful.

I am thankful for:

  • house, car, and job (tho' the job is up in the air right now)
  • DH, who is a moutainous, unmoving rock of stability
  • my sister, who is my BFF and always ready to have my back
  • having a natural green thumb
  • my uncanny knack for matching colors
  • the ability to cook with no recipe and it always turns out tasty
  • my parents being strict when I was growing up, teaching values and morals, and having expectations
  • SISU - it's what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. Even when I'm bogged down waist deep.


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I have lots to be thankful for, thank you for making me step outside myself and remember that!

I am thankful that this weekend DH and I are going camping, we are going to do some hiking, fishing, kayaking, and most of all relaxing!!! He promises it is going to be a SS/BM/custody talk free weekend......I can't wait!!!!


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-I'm thankful for a strong, understanding H who always has my back.

-I'm thankful for my smart, amazing kids.

-I'm thankful for having a loving and kind family who are always supportive.

-I'm thankful for my nice home, food on the table, and clothes on our backs.

-I'm thankful for an amazing boss and awesome coworkers.

-I'm thankful for life and having each day to create new and things.

-I'm thankful for Steptalk which makes me smile, laugh and feel like I'm not alone.



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I am thankful for:

  • THe fact Dh and I are looking for a home that will be just ours
  • That you can report anonymously to welfare (fraud)
  • That I have a supportive DH
  • That my DH has finally succomb to the fact I'm stocking up on stuff for the house now instead of later and has actually started suggesting a few things since he knows I'm getting stuff anyways
  • SD9 for being helpful when I need it, she really did step it up last night when I was tyring to get things picked up and even swept after we were done.
  • Being employed.
  • My sister for calling this morning when she knew I was driving to work, just to chat.
  • The amazing people on here who give some really solid advice and have helped me when I'm struggling (and also given me reality checks)
  • A job that's flexible enough to work with crazy kid schedules!
  • Friends. On here and the ones I've found since moving Smile

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Most of the swimming areas here are open again. I need to be in the water.

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I am thankful for my two intelligent, beautiful, funny daughthers.

I am thankful for my lawyer of awesone.

I am thankful for my wonderful husband who loves me no matter what.

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Thank you for...

- Having a great employee so SO and I could go away camping and hiking on Lake Superior for a couple of days (and no Aniki, it was too cold to swim... lol)

- Having a business that is doing better and a job that I like.

- SO being "normal" again. We had a great time away. He really enjoyed himself.

- Still having my aunt on this earth. She was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer before xmas.


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DPW, unless there was a LOT of ice on the lake, it is never too cold for me. LOL

Glad to hear your aunt is still here and that SO is back to "normal".