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OT - Thankful Thursday

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The sun is out and it's a balmy 10 degrees this morning. The forecast has us rising about freezing today which means some of my beautiful snow will melt. *sad*   While I'm sad to see Winter come to a close, I know every season has a purpose and it's time for Spring and the rejuvenation of flora and fauna. 4+ months 'til the thimbleberries are ripe. Sigh...

I am thankful for:

  • the bank guaranteeing I get back all of my money after some arsehole stole my debit card number ($700+!!!) and expediting my new card
  • whatever I'm doing right because I had to pull my belt in another notch after noticing my pants were sagging
  • my DH who is a rock when his wife is a waterfall of tears and a whirlpool of anxiety
  • my online friends whose words, time, and support mean more to me than I can properly convey
  • STalk for being okay with Off Topic subjects that give us something else to think about other than stephe!!

Happy Thursday, STalkers!!!


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I'm thankful for the fact that my dad seems to be improving and is out of hospice.  He actually ate a piece of toast yesterday!

I am also thankful for OT distractions:)

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Wonderful news! I bet that toast tasted good. Smile

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I am also thankful for my wonderful DH. He puts up with me and that ain't easy!

I am thankful that my youngest sister has finally gotten off of drugs. We are becoming close again, and I  really missed her. It was a lot of years lost (and I mean, A LOT).

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I am thankful for coffee in the morning

I am thankful that the weather in getting warmer.

I am thankful that my power is back on. (I lost power for almost 12 hours)

I am always thankful for my faith.

And I am thankful for OT blogs. I still love the blog about the worst date we ever went on.



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Queen, I am on my fourth cuppa. That first sip is heaven to my tastebuds.

That was such a fun blog!!

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I am thankful that DH had a conflict himself so that we can't go to Skidville as summoned.

I am thankful for DH. And the mutts that live with us.

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Yes, DH will tell her the truth. I can count on him for that. But he'll be REAL sorry. He jumped when she said jump but didn't look at his calendar. So before I decided if I would go or not I checked his calendar myself. Yep. Big Conflict that has nothing to do with me.

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I'm struggling to be thankful this morning because I am not sad to see winter go but it just won't go!!!! I am so over being cold and feeling worn down by the weather!

It is better to note what you are grateful for though so I will do that as well! Smile

I am grateful that I have a job that allows me to work from home if I don't want to go out in the crappy weather!

I am grateful that SD is on spring break in another state this week  therfore giving me a break from stephell Wink

I am thankful for tea and the fresh honey my dad gives me.  They are both helping with the crappy cold/sinus issues I keep having b/c winter wants to continue hanging around!  

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Well honestly some days I prefer to come into work because even my little precious snowflakes annoy me ;)  LOL!  My work is usually much more quiet and relaxing than being home.  I am still very thankful that I can work from home if I need to!

Yes, my dad has a lot of bees/hives so I get fresh honey whenever I want!  I love it!  I think it helps with my allergies/sinuses as well!

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When I had cats, one of them was an absolute brat when I was on the computer!! He would start out in my lap (because he HAD to be  touching Momma!), then he would have a paw on my arm, then he had a paw on my mouse hand, then he was on the desktop, then he'd try to sprawl across the keyboard. I'd end up having to lock him out of the room and then he would MMMMRRRROOOOOOWWWW his unhappiness!

I would LOVE to have my own hive but don't know if that's feasible for my area. We don't have a big piece of land.

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Ha, I have a bratty cat and a crazy dog at home to add in with my crazy boys!  Working from home is nice but distracting!  Your cat sounds a lot like mine!  Needy little turds!  My dog actually waits outside the bathroom for me more than my children do!  Ahhh!

I grew up in the country with my dad and he has a nice piece of land out there.  When he remarried he moved to the city with my SM but he still has his house/property in the country.  My SM's dad also has a nice little piece of land that he lets my dad use for additional hives.  Raw honey is the best!!!!  I'm allergic to bees though so I won't be taking over his hives at any time.  

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Needy cat, indeed!! Such a pest, but THE best mouser. I miss the little stinker.

I've never been stung by a bee, so don't know if I'm allergic or not. Don't really have the time to devote to beekeeping though. I'll have to find some local stuff. I now want corncakes with butter and raw honey!

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This week, I'm thankful for:

- My new job in the field that I want. It's hard managing our business and a part-time job but well worth it.

- That I'm feeling motivated lately (must be Spring!) and getting back on the weight loss band wagon and being productive.

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I am thankful to see winter go.  This one dumped 9" on everything. 

I am NOT thankful that I still do not have power.  It's been out since 8 last night.  No power means no water and not heat so I had to bring SS15 to work!  He is currently just staring at me.  

I am thankful that I finally was able to book our Honeymoon home.   

Air kiss





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Ugh, sorry to hear about no power. ESPECIALLY sorry to hear you had to take SS15 to work with you. Gads. Did you bring him a coloring book and some crayons? LOL

What is a Honeymoon home? Sounds romantic!

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He has book and phone.  And I brought fur baby too so he is in charge of him.

We use VRBO at least 4 times a year.  We are getting married May 5th and rented a house 7 hours away on 50 acres of nothingness and no wifi for a week.  It took us two months to find the right one.  


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I am thankful for:

  • Jackets, because I wouldn't survive the endless practices and scrimages without them
  • My dog for making me feel so loved
  • My DH that after a disaster of a morning with SD5 had a nice sitdown with her and is taking over until she starts acting better
  • Street Tacos for being so amazingly delicious...
  • SIMS for letting me decorate and build houses and dream about having our own place while I'm sitting in my in-laws family room...
  • Amazing peopple on here letting me vent and helping me feel a lot less alone
  • My metabolism, that while it's already made me starving (I ate like 40 minutes ago), lets me eat weird amounts of food Smile
  • SD9 for bucking up and taking what I said to heart at softball, walking it off and getting back into it. Proud moment. I may make a productive member of society out of her yet!
  • Aniki *biggrin*

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  • Furbabies are amazing!! I am finally ready to donate my darling boy's canned dog food to a shelter. I miss him so!
  • Now I want street tacos and not the curry shrimp zoodles I planned for tonight.
  • You are never alone!
  • Thank you, sweetie! I'm thankful for you, too,!! Kiss 2

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I love furbabies! Also congrats Aniki! That's a big step and I'm super happy for you! 

Curry shrimp zoodles sound really good too! I'll make you street tacos if you'll make me some of those!!!

I know, just has those days... Especially high stress and pissed off ones, lol.

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My DH also had seven hundred stolen, and his bank returned the money too. This was on Tuesday though. There have been international scammers calling my phone too, pretending to be from the U.S. Treasury. It can be stressful always being your toes with the finances!

I am thankful for:

  • great friends and upcoming over the hill b-day parties
  • the end of the school year in sight!
  • DD staying up to date with schoolwork
  • DH choosing to NOT take skids this weekend
  • all you STalkers 

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The theft happened to me on Tuesday, too!! When I looked up the phone number associated with the company, it was a phone number for people OUTSIDE of the U.S. Sounds like the international scummy scammers were busy on Tuesday!

Here's to our upcoming skid-free weekend! Drinks