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Sd15.5...or Feral Forger 2.0?

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I thought my fellow steptalkers would get a kick out of this short story:

We only go into SD15's room to feed the Dragon when its her week with Toxic Troll.

Shes typically, since Ive known her the past 8 years, been a neat and tidy kiddo, who enjoys a space thats attractive.

DH and I went in this weekend to feed Dragon.

Clothes (dirty? clean? who knows who cares!) were covering the floor. I joked "must be that new carpet I didnt choose"...

Dh exclaims "I told her to take care of this last weekend she was with us!!!!"

Me: "Yea, but you dont follow through! Its like you tell her to clean and then you dont give time limit and you dont check up and she just keeps the door closed...exactly like Feral Forger used to do, remember THAT?"

Feral Forger Sdnow22 was truly disgusting. We would open the door and the funk made our nose hairs curl. From moldy dishes to papers and juice glasses and coffee with all different kinds of flora and fauna growing. Dirty clothes and makeup and bloody pads strewn all about for a little flair.

I told him - you must first take away all electronics (distractions) and then give a time limit and see how fast that chit will get done!"

I dont know if he got the point. I dont have bios, so what do I know, right?

Tell me your "clean your room" stories! How did you get your kids to clean their room?


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Clean her room?  Nope.  Only if she was missing something.  Then things would get picked up to find it.

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She doesnt have anything nice to wear...look on the floor!

She doesnt have anything for school...look on the floor!

The Dragon got out of his cage and dissappeared...look on the floor!

That cricket that escaped certain death???? look on the floor!

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Since we didn't allow food in her room (and she mostly complied except for a few granola bars here and there) we mostly just closed the door and ignored it.  She did clean up before she left for college though but only because she needed to pack her clothes hahaha

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She leaves all her crap behind so she can slime her way back in when needed. Thats why she was mad at me for "clearing out her room". It had nothing to do with "privacy invasion" or 'touching her things" was all about having a way to land back in there.

BOY does she regret that move Biggrin

Hey I waited 7 whole months!!!!

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I just closed SS's door. He was good about not leaving food or dirty dishes in the room, and I didn't give a rat's patootie if his clothes were all over the floor or his sheets hadn't been changed in 6 weeks. Not my monkey. 

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But it was fun telling DH that. He doesnt follow through, room becomes disaster, he gets mad.

He would take SD22 Feral Forgers door off. And nothing changed - she has no shame really. The funk got so bad that I begged him to put it back on!!!! LOL.

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Disordered YSD also liked to sprinkle used period pads around her space. When she took off, I waited three months, then cleaned out the bio hazard. She was one of those "out of sight, then it's clean" kids, so under the bed, corners of the closet and her dresser drawers were a disaster. I made sure to box up all those disgusting bloody pads with the rest of her stuff, since she seemed to have a hard time parting with them. 

She wasn't a defiant kid, just used to being feral and able to get her own way. The single most effective punishment for her was taking her bedroom door away. After years of living in a one bedroom apartment with BM, privacy was her currency. I can't imagine what else I would have done if that hadn't worked, maybe threaten to take pictures and post them on social media?

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DH used to take the door off Feral Forgers room. It was so funky I begged him to put it back on. The thing is, she has no shame, and he didnt follow through with "clean your room NOW".

Shes on her phone and computer CONSTANTLY to her friend(s). Its Kansas City. HOurS upon HoURs. Thats why no room cleaning for MONTHS. Shes more passive than Feral Forger. She eats exclusivley in the dining area so theres nothing like that. Her room stinks because she showers MAAAAAAYBE once every two weeks. Never cleans the Dragons acquarium. Never washes the linens. Never does laundry.


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She only showers once every 2wks? Yikes! My SS's will frequently go the entire long weekend they're at our home without showering, I thought that was bad enough, I just leave it alone (I only insist SO makes them do it if we're all going out somewhere together). I mean, they're teenage boys & where we live it is HOT more than it's NOT (sadly - I love winter), so they smell. I close their door & move on with my life. 2wks, though, sheesh.

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Shes large as well with stinky feet. And wears the same clothes. Without washing.

Not my circus.

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But if she's smelly and sitting next to you, you do have the right to say something. I've pointed out before that a little embarrassment can go a long way with teenagers.

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She just laughes. This gutteral "huhuhuhuhehehe". And then nothing. Shes really gotten to that shameless point, and I thought in person school would get her motivated but no dice. She still really doesnt care about appearance. She is still obese, and doesnt take care of herself. Not embarrassed at all!

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YSD is super neat and clean but is a hoarder of things. Her drawers and closet are packed with stuff. She has several grocery bags of stuff she no longer wants in the corner of her room. I've told her several times since early summer if she wants to donate/throw away the stuff let me know and we'll sort and drop it off. NADA. So there it sits. Basically I don't get involved because she's neat (everything IS orderly) and doesn't let trash pile up and never leaves food or dirty foodware in her room.

OSD never ever ever ever cleaned her room unless DH "helped" her. From age 9 - 13.5 (when she PASed out) not once did she willingly clean - the one attempt failed when DH discovered all the stuff all over her room stuffed in the closet. No vaccuming and no laundry had been done. DH never pressed her on it and he never had any ramifications. When it got really bad - stinking bad - I did go in and do two or three "clean sweeps" but even that didn't deter her. OOD with cleaning for sure.

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She used to be very tidy. Its just within the past year. Or so. She just yammers on the phone for hours upon hours. Im surprised shes getting Bs. 

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We have SD and 2 SSs half the time - shared custody.   DH is so fearful kids won't want to stay with him that he never follows thru with anything.  They have no chores to speak of and while the boys will do what he asks for the most part, SD ignores him.   She knows she has the upper hand.   

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= No life skills for the future.

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DH would give them a day.  The next morning if not cleaned, anything and everything that was on the floor or spilling of bed was put into trash bags and locked in the pickup bed of his truck so they couldn't get it.  When they left after the weekend, he threw it away.  

After the 2nd time and their clothes and games thrown out, they would clean as soon as he said to clean.