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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers!

There are days when you have to be thankful for off-the-wall or unusual things. This is one of those days...

I am thankful for: 

  • My small saucepan falling on my foot. I set it on the stove, but was not paying attention and placed it waaaay off center. It fell off onto my foot and left a very nasty bruise. So glad it was a) empty, and 2) not the bigger one I was too lazy to get out (that one might have done more damage!).
  • Finding a birthday card for my Dad that is glitter-free. That stuff is abominable and should be biodegradable and/or edible!
  • Zoom is on the fritz today. Such a shame....NOT!
  • Smelling the lettuce before I started making my lunch. I don't know about you, but when one of those pieces goes slimy, it makes the rest of the lettuce smell "off" and I cannot eat it. *bad*


Hope you're having a decent day! *give_rose*


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My good friend fell over and broke her foot yesterday - her husband took her to hospital to have it x rayed and they found she had a hairline fracture.  They were there all evening yesterday and I didn't know how she was until this morning.  So I was thankful that it wasn't worse and the doc said it would probably heal in 2 weeks or so. 

I was wondering, Aniki, if there was any postscript to the "BioHo came knocking" episode, lol?  

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Ouch! Hope your friend's foot heals qickly and without any issues.

Funny you should ask, Kes. I have a postscript. Biggrin

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I'm thankful for the fact that while my internet is glitchy enough this week for me to not have to turn on my camera, its working well enough for voice calls.

I'm thankful that Aniki's saucepan was small and empty so the injury was minimal and we have this blog.

I'm excited for The Ho' came knocking: The aftermath update coming out shortly.

I'm dreading next week when I have to go into the office officially.  They have finally decided to give me a "real" person pass.  Good news is this means I don't have to go through airport style security everyday I have to go in.  Bad news is that the big Pooh-Bah has assigned a project manager to track who turns up each week and report a naughty list of people who do less than 3 days.  You would think that someone in charge of a nearly $4 billion business would have something better to do with their time.

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TASM, I am not a fan of the cameras. King Pita is the ONLY person on the team who has his turned on. No surprise there and blech

That freaking saucepan landed on the 'knuckle' right below my big toe. Thankfully, an ice pack took down a good portion of the swelling, but I don't have any shoes that are comfortable except for flip flops. Mine match! LOL

You would think that someone in charge of a nearly $4 billion business would have a better way to track who is physically in the office!

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Aniki nearly making me snort my water over my keyboard at the mention of flip flops.  I will never look at the damn things the same way again!

Would birkenstocks be work?  I was very much against them pre pandemic but I have been converted.  They are so comfortable.

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No birkenstocks. I've tried on everything from Converse mules to soft sneakers (lightweight canvas) to moccasins to sandals. Even slippers! Nope. And the only flip flops I can tolerate have veeery skinny straps. *unknw*

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I'm so OCD about shoes - I took a wine case and have my flip flops paired and tucked in 'slots'. I might have a nervous breakdown if I wore mismatched flip flops ala 'Ho!

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Life is full of ups and downs. So today I am thankful that you give us a chance to realize what makes us grateful. If we all could live with just the good things this world would be better.

Thankful to read the post that people put on this Thankful Thursday blog.

Give rose

Today I am thankful that Fall is coming. My favorite time of year!!!

Have a great day Lady!!!


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Queen, what you say is so true! I often think, "If only people could be nicer/kinder/more compassioate..." Any more it seems like people would much rather be argumentative/ugly/hurtful. Sad

You have a great day, too! *kiss2*

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I'm thankful for modern medicine.  While my happy-pills are making me foggy and I'm not sold on them still.  The antobiotics have cleared up the sinus infection really fast, and the steroids are super helping my eczema and subhoreic Dermatitis outbreak.  Like for the first time in YEARS I'm not itchy to the point of pain.  And it's literal magic.  no puss, no flakey skin,  reduced itching, I'm hoping it clears it up and then I can manage it soooo much easier with preventatie measures instead of focusing on reducing the itch.


Also I love how you can find the humor and gratefulness in so many things Ani. lmao.  The sauce pan and zoom ones are highlights for sure.

I'm thankful for my pups, who after bear's seizure he's sensed things and has cuddled every night, even when he was soaking form the rain last night.  But after that scare I can appreciate every second with him, even that wet dog smell one. lol.

Technology too.  I started streaming my gaming on twitch and have 50 some odd followers and 5 subs in under a month.  It's exciting to be able to try new things (even if I'm still self concious as hell about being on camera. lmao) and have different ways of working through some of my fears and self esteem issues by sharing something I really enjoy with people.  I'd toyed with the idea, my therapist encouraged me to go for it.  And  though it's still spooky, I think it's helped a little with my confidence since it's a topic and thing I enjoy and feel proficient at.

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PA, yay for you and modern meds! 

On camera, huh? I'd be tempted to wear wigs or funky glasses or outlandish makeup...  *wacko*  Happy to hear it's helping your confidence!

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lmao.  Honestly I've been tempted to do exactly that.  Some weird colored wig.  Why not be crazy about it. lmao.

The meds are literal magic.

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You can buy colored mousse or little combs with wash-out hair color in them. They work best on lighter colored hair. Or a spray-on, wash-out hair color. I'm blonde and have used all of those.

Yay, magic meds!  

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Not being itchy must be such a relief.  I get the odd problem with this but can't even comprehend how much PAIN you must have been in for SO long.  

Also how cool is the gaming.

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A friend (55yo) has had eczema for many years and finally found a med that works. She said, "I almost don't know how to act because I don't itch constantly!"

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I've had it my whole life off and on.  So it's amazinggg.  No itching!  As Aniki said below.  It's insane how different it feels!  I went to scratch out of habbit and was like "wait, I don't have to do that"

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Thankful for SD's BFF's mom being a FB mom and being able to count on her for 1st day of school pics of SD.

Every year DH asks and does not receive any. I've learned to adapt and cyber stalk (for good not evil). Sadly SS doesn't have friends and DH is SOL for his 1st day pics.

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ICMI, that's a good thing for which to be thankful! Once my DH ditched BioHo, he never got a single pic of any of the skids. 'Ho sux.

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my health. I am no longer feeling the effects of covid so happy with that.

Thankful for the awesome folks who are respectful of others and keep a distance and mask up when close by.

Thankful for aniki and her thankful thursday posts. Makes slow time at work go by fast.

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Glad you kicked COVID to the curb, Stepdrama!

I am also thankful for people who mask up, regardless of mandates.