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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Sorry I'm late to the game. Still cannot get in grasp on how to slow/stop time to suit my schedule. Must keep working on that...

I am thankful for: 

  • Snow! In 6 days, we got more snow than the entire month of January (record low kinda numbers). Luv me some winter precip!
  • No zoom today! Sneaky Aniki found a workaround. Only good for a veeeeeeeery sporadic day here and there. *dirol*
  • My DH. Damn if that man didn't work until the skin split on two fingers so I wouldn't have to. Acts of Service. <3  In return, I'll make him lohikeitto and rieska. 
  • Leg warmers. Who says they're only for ballerinas and 80s throwback?
  • The rare two who can level me out when my temper gets lit. I normally bury it for later or walk (walk-run!) away. One "sensed a disturbance in the Force" and soothed my savage beastie.

Happy Friday Eve!


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I'm so thankful for grocery shopping and delivery. I'm working from home and we're having a really intense cold spell. I have some cravings and do not want to go out on a break in this freaken cold to get what I want. I placed an order and will get my groceries within 5 hours. This is my fourth time and every time, they've delivered within two hours. I just love that there's such thing as this. 

I get a four day weekend coming up. I cannot wait! Things are really slow at work, so I'm bored during the day right now. At least I have two meetings to help occupy me today.

I'm thankful for my neighbour doggies. I have no pets, but my neighbour doggies know that Auntie Evil loves them. They come and visit me and I get my hugs and kisses. Little buggers are naughty and cause their dad's hair to fall out from their frequent escapes, but my God! They are adorable!

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* Thankful DH went to grocery store before the big storm coming in tonight. I refused to do it.

* Thankful my parents, for all their faults, taught my sister and I how to take care of ourselves and our things and how to be independent.  We always showered, kept clean and never, ever p*ssed on a toilet seat.

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Ha!  Actually yes.  But I won't make it, you know better than that!

I specified good cocoa for hot chocolate. He got that and I'll make it only for Moi.

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Thankful for my Valentine to celebrate Valentine's Day with Smile

Thankful my SO's elderly mother finally got her first vaccine dose this week.  Hopeful my parents will get theirs soon.

Thankful this week was less crazy at work than last week.  Actually thankful to have a job during these crazy times!

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My Dad and SM are 90 and 88. They have not been able to even get on the list. No one answers the damn phone number they were given. Dash 1

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  • I'm thankful for my BFF. She's a dynamo and is always the Robin to my Batman. She can drive me crazy, but she's always ready for an adventure or a project. She coming this weekend to help me paint a bedroom in my house and whatever other trouble we can get into! She's going to be my GALentine. I know it's a dumb holiday, but we girls love it. Our guys don't seem to care, so we'll celebrate together. I like the holiday so I do all the things for me that I like: meal, wine, flowers, sweets, bubble bath, and sweet movies. I'm rarely disappointed because I know how to make myself happy.
  • I'm thankful to have a signed lease with a tenant at the house my son and I bought together. The mortgage is covered! One more roommate means turning a profit which I'll need for some upgrades.
  • I'm thankful for my job, having a home and snow - getting a lot of it this week.

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My state opened up Covid vaccinations to those over 75 at the end of January, but there were no appointments. This morning a few opened up and I snagged one for DH. I feel like I won the lottery and the appointment isn't for me. (I'm under 75 and not eligible for an appointment yet.)

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This thankful Thursday is going to test me to find something to be thankful for, so here goes:
I'm thankful we have a three day weekend ahead.
I'm thankful BD was able to get out of town with her grandparents this weekend because she is too her breaking point with home schooling and being isolated for almost a year now.
I'm thankful for amazing co-workers who care enough to listen when I need to talk.
I'm thankful DH was one of the lucky few on our installation to get the COVID vaccine.

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There are days I have to dig down for reasons, so I start with the basics: I woke up, have a good home, car, job... {{{hugs}}}  *give_rose*

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I am trying to think of something that I am thankful for:

  • I am thankful that my home office has a door, so I don't have to hear DAH yelling at the TV. His retirement is driving me crazy.
  • I am thankful that I haven't hit DAH over the head with a frying pan, because he won't shut up for two minutes.
  • I am thankful that I only have to do ZOOM meetings on Mondays.
  • This one I am truly thankful for: watching DS43 going out for a walk, down the street, without a walker or crutches. He is using a cane and walking further everyday. I watch from my office window.

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Hon, there are days I tell my DH that my cast iron Dutch oven might be his next hat...  I envy your only-Monday zoom! 

And there it is. Prayers for his continued improvement. *give_rose*

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- I'm thankful that my DH works hard so I can be home with our first baby. She is starting solids and every little swallow she does I get so stupidly excited.
- I'm thankful it's our kid free week. I can do housework in peace and the house stays clean! 
- I'm thankful of my parents who drive down to see me and help out with whatever they can.