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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! I don't know about you, but this week is FLYING by for me. I'm so busy at work, it feels like I'm working half-days. Simply not enough time to get done with everything on my plate, but no one needs (or will pay) an Aniki clone!

I am thankful for: 

  • SNOW!!! After a record low snowfall in January, we're currently under a winter storm warning and could get up to a foot of lovely white stuff. Fingers crossed!!! I'm very tempted to run outside after working hours to make a snow angel... NO, I will NOT put on any outdoor gear. I MAY take off my leather Converse - do angels wear shoes?  *diablo*
  • my DH. Fat Aniki was craving sugary sweetness this morning, so DH made a run for some bakery goods. ~handsmack~ Those prune tarts are MINE!!!
  • Danno, my coworker. We had a fun and lively 45 minute chat earlier that we labeled as "Testing". 


Hope you're safe and well! *drinks*


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Happy Thursday Aniki! This is my Friday and I have a hair appt after so I can get all pretty for the weekend. DH talked about us getting out of town and I might just take him up on that. The weather this weekend is supposed to be lovely, low 70's so plenty of outdoors time.

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Sunshine all around!

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I would love to be able to play and make a snow angel! But for now I am appreciating that beautiful weather we have here - robins egg blue sky and bit white puffy clouds and now green hillsides and wild flowers. And getting out there and into it Biggrin

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Advice, that sounds like a lovely idea! Those temps, though... I'm a Winter, heart and soul! *kiss2*

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1. For my health. Walking and hiking each weekend and my energy has been increasing. 

2. Pizza. Nuff said.

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Thankful for: 

Deciding to get my hair done after a YEAR of nothing.  It looks AMAZING. Have a new hair person now.

And kudos to the awesome HR person I interact with for my unit. She is fantabulous, hilarious and irreverant and we have had the best meetings. I'd be friends with her in a hot minute.

....DH has been making sure the kitchen is cleaned at least every other day. He actually asked me what he can do to help me make it better and what drives me most crazy...funny enough how this works: I've not had a kitchen complaint in over a week now and he notices.

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Wow, what's come over our DHs, Cover? Mine is still putting down the toilet seat/lid without fail. Lord help me if he ever forgets to put down the lid now because I will definitely fall in the toilet in the middle of the night! *crazy*

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I am thankful that after 3 days it finally stopped snowing.  I like snow but it was getting too much to try to get to my mom.

Thankful for DH and his wonderful breakfasts

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I am thankful that my FIVE Zoom calls are over for the day. And I am still reasonably sane.

And I am thankful that the cleaning crew as here and the kitchen trash is empty (pet peeve, DH worthless in that regard). My cooking strike might be over.

And I am especially thankful that I have several choices of bourbon for this evening.

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Merry, every zoom I was on today ran over by at least 30 minutes. I accomplished nothing after 11am - unless you count a pounding headache as an accomplishment...

Bourbon is a love language, IMO! I plan to partake of some Evan Williams this evening. *drinks*

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I actually fell asleep during a software demo (my camera wasn't on). I never do that.

Pretty sure the Forty Creek Select (copper label) is calling my name.

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Thankful that today's Zooms are over.  Back to back all day - brutal.

Also Thankful that my hardest working staff member was approved for a special bonus today.  I gave him a quick call in between Zooms with the news and he was stoked.  It was well earned.

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Brutal is the perfect word from zooms.  They are the only thing I loathe about WFH.