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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Better late than never, eh?

Sorry so late in the day, but I was out yesterday and am have been playing catch-up today. 

I am thankful for:

  • Technology advancements at my job. I don't have to nag people for signatures so often because the system does it for me! Nothing like receiving increasingly "urgent" emails. Next thing needed (IMO): something that locks the person out of EVERYTHING until they sign the damn document! Evil Aniki would do it in a heartbeat...
  • As much as I dislike baby/wedding showers, I have a one-of-a-kind item to give, which makes 'shopping' easy. *dirol*
  • a kind and understanding boss, who is urging me to go home and rest. 
  • as always, my DH. Lord, I love that man!!! <3


One day closer to the weekend!


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1. date night tonight

2. A man that cooks my dinner every night before I get home. ( he is a great cook.  Monday night it was taco night, he made the taco meat with chocolate and coffee added. ) YUMMY

3. A mean SIL that dislikes my SO and will not invite him to any family functions in her home.  A blessing in disguise, now I no longer have 21yo, 19yo & 16yo nieces birthday parties (obligation) to attend every year.  

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Those tacos sound amazing!!! I am now craving tacos. Nom nom nom...

FFS. I have blood relatives AND out-laws (er, in-laws) I don't like, but I still invite them to FAMILY events. How twunty.

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She is a control freak, doesn't like his sense of humor, she doesn't have a sense of humor.  She only invites me and my boys now to her family functions.  I no longer will go.  

I was thinking it was weird that she was still giving gift grab kids birthday parties every year when they are now 2 in college and I in high school. 

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Birthday parties going on for that long are ridiculous. How about a First Pimple Party or Menstrual Madness Paintball Party? Sheesh.

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MiL is disordered; not sure what type. She is never allowed to cross my threshold. I have a relative that is a narcissist. Not allowed to cross my threshold, either.

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My MIL is a narc and DH is fully aware of it. In almost a decade, she's been to our home 5-6 times.

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Hope you feel better Aniki !!

Since we are Thankful for our husbands...I have to toot my horn a little.

I am Thankful my husband makes me coffee ever day--

I am also thankful he plugged in AND warmed up my electric blanket so I didnt freeze in our  semi enclosed  seating area this morning.  Thats where we have coffee before work.

Thankful for my/our kids---they are thoughtful, kind, good kids.  BM's kids--not included in that statement.



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Aw, that's so sweet! My hubby would make me coffee, but he makes it too weak for this Finn. LOL!

Thank you, hon. Freaking virus that has yet to run it's long-ass course. Sigh...

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I am thankful for a break in the weather, we are finally getting cooler tempratures. Yes yes I know, but we live in the desert, it's always hot here.

I am also thankful today is my Friday and tomorrow I can sleep in for an hour.

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Thank you for this. I'm exhausted and tend to focus on the negative. It's been a tough couple of weeks.

So, I am thankful for Aniki today!

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For a mechanic husband who has been getting estimates for fixing my bumper for me. After my accident I am finding myself a bit on the tired side.

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Accident?! I'm sorry to hear that, CLove. I hope you were checked out by the doctor to make sure all is okay. {{hugs}}

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In the mornings - and then afternoon hits and Im toast. I dont feel the need for dr, and dont want painkillers.

Thankful for my job that gives me paid vacation days  -Im taking Friday and Monday off. To heal and rest and sit in sauna.


Hope you are doing well these days!

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Yikes, I wasn't thinking painkillers! Maybe some down time and a few hours in a jacuzzi? I'm a Finn and luuuuuuuuuv to go sauna!

Glad you're not seriously hurt. {{hugs}}

I'm doing okay, thank you. Still recovering from a stomach virus. Blech.