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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Here I am again, having one of the Monday-est Thursdays. Ugh! While it's nice to have a paid day off in the middle of the week, it messes with my head! LOL

I am thankful for:

  • the holidays being OVER. Christmas was actually very nice with some unexpected surprises, but it's EXHAUSTING. The cleaning and cooking and gift wrapping and socializing.... 
  • the person in upper management who made Work 2019 end on a high note by signing the last document on the last day of the year. I'm free and clear until mid-July (when the process begins again). Woo hoo!!!
  • good friends. DH and I had a fun-derful time ringing in the new year with close and excellent friends. It was a small group (8 of us) and one helluva good time. Biggrin
  • my DH. He's been off for 2 weeks so he shouldered the main burden of housecleaning for the skid invasion. Then he made me cry AND feel like the most loved woman in the world with the unexpected and extremely astonshing gifts he gave me. I feel like a queen!!!


I hope 2020 is a wonderful year for you!


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I'm very happy to hear that your year ended on a high note! I currently don't have any substantial complaints - just thankful for the smoother sailing at the end of December.

But lady, I need an SD23 update! I'm dying for an update over here...

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I am WAY thankful that DH has promised to attend to some physical and mental health issues that are probably related. This makes it easier for me to focus on my own health, too.

DH sees a therapist approximately monthly. The new topic for the year is dealing with his controlling daughter, who he allows to have the role of wife for various types of decisions. Oh HELL no, and we went round and round about it again over the holidays. SD has had adult spousal status with BOTH her parents for YEARS, and this will not be an easy change, but I know he can do it!

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this last quiet week until 1/6 and everyone is back!   Oh and my retirement countdown continues:

13 months, 17 days, 8 hours

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I'm thankful for another quiet day at work. Monday will be Hell.

C'mon Aniki give us a Christmas update!