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OT - Eff Off/Forn Friday

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Welcome to Friday, STalkers! I'm thankful for the good things that happened this week, but it has certainly been a week of Mondays work-wise.

Eff off to:

  • Me. Logged on this morning and immediately had to put out a couple of fires. BEFORE Coffee (BC). I decided to whip up a protein shake and was halfway through the thing, wondering why it didn't taste 'right'....and realized I'd forgotten the protein powder! *dash1*  Aniki BC is not firing on all cylinders.
  • King Pita. Yeah, I put myself ahead of KP. ;)  He keeps dropping balls that don't get picked back up. I'm fighting the urge to volunteer myself to pick up some of those balls and keep them in play. Someone hold me back!!
  • Cancer. 
  • Heart problems. My lovely Stepmomma has been having problems getting out of breath. Just found out she has a heart valve that isn't working properly. She cannot get an appointment here for much-needed tests until mid-July so... they are heading back to FL on Monday. *cray2*

UPDATE: My SM was just admitted to the hospital due to dizziness and shortness of breath and she is having a multitude of tests. Good thoughts would be much appreciated. 




Forn Friday 

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined. 

Who likes a good salad? It's one of my favorite things when the weather heats up. The grocery store had some bee-yoo-tee-full strawberries this week. Last night, I made a salad with spring mix, chicken, strawberries, pecans, and goat cheese with some balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!!! Another fave salad is prosciutto, peaches, pecans, and goat cheese. I'm making myself hungry for more salad! *ROFL*

What's your favorite go-to meal in hot weather?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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I love love love a nice Waldorf salad.  I buy Trader Joe's Waldorf salad for lunches and it's yummy.

Eff off to nothing.  Life is good and next week is going to be great.  SO and I are getting legally married on Wed at city Hall.  Then heading out to dinner with close friends.

Thursday we are off on our Galapagos cruise where we'll have a sunset ceremony on the yacht.  Then back for a few days and off again to the Midwest for a small-ish ceremony with our families.  

So nstarting next week I will probably not post much.  Will definitely share an update when we get back and have recovered!

Have a great weekend all!

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Caninelover, I've never had a Waldorf Salad because I don't like mayonnaise. Can you taste it or is it more of a binder?

That all sounds great! pre-Congratulations!!!!!

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EFF off to work once more - it's our busiest time of year and I'm now invovled in a project for the place as a rep of our division and the management of this special project is off her rocker. She's changed the parameters of what she wants from us about 4 times in the last week alone and she doesn't answer questions we ask of her. I have concluded she's 1/2 crazy. She also wanted us to HAND ENTER things into an XLS sheet when I know she has access to the report system that will do this for her. And she has not answered my questions about exactly why or "what does column X Title mean?"  Our next meeting should be fun.

Salads!  Yes, I love them. DH is actually allergic to lettuce (yes - it's a real thing; also carrots to some extent) so I tend to make them more for my own lunch and often get "big salads" when I go out to eat. He can eat spinach salads, but there's something about a salad made with a whole head of butterlettuce...oh delicious. I really like blue cheese dressing and found a good low-cal one with good flavor and use it sparingly. Add tomatoes, a few roasted nuts, a bit extra cheese crumbles and Viola!  

My baby boy kitty (16 year old baby) LOVES lettuce. Since he was a kitten. I can give him all the catgrass he wants but he'll shove me aside to get to my salad bowl. So when I'm making a salad with lettuce I have to give him some or he'll scream bloody murder and try to climb into my bowl. Silly cat.

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Too many Eff offs to list....

I love the watermelon, cucumber and feta salad in the summer.  Anything else I eat at lunch puts me to sleep.

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Ah, Dear Ani,

Well may you rail against that malicious effing cancer! My DH’s best friend of decades is suffering from a rare cancer that has escalated at warp speed; within a month from his diagnosis, he is in renal failure and soon to be transferred from hospital to hospice.

My DH, a stalwart who almost NEVER cries, has been bursting into inconsolable sobs at least twice a day and, rather than accept comfort, has been bolting outside to break down in private. 

Mind you, I’m not much help since the loss of this friend, father, devoted husband, new grandad (his first granddaughter is 3 weeks old) has damned near broken my heart. I realize that most departing folks are applauded but this guy is truly exceptional. He is generous to a fault, so honest and decent that he could be the poster boy for integrity. His funeral will be ‘standing room only’, guaranteed.


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I would suggest Spicy Sweet Maple Pecans next time you make that salad.  Another recipe  my bride has modified so I can enjoy them in a sugar free format.

F-Off Friday:

Work has actually improved quite a bit this week. 

1.  I have backed my on the sprectrum likely bi-polar #2 into a corner that seems to be holding his attention regarding his behavior towards others.  Me included.  At leasr for now. 

Just prior to my vacation two weeks ago I had two of my direct report staff turn in their 2wk notices of resignation.  Both left for new roles. One for an internal transfer to the opposite coast, the other to return to his former company.  I did their exit interviews early as I was going to be on vacation. During those interviews, aside from the proverbial offers they could not refuse, they both clearly verbalized that the primary reason for leaving was my #2.  So, I asked each of them to write a detailed email on that, send it to the HRBP while cc-ing myself, and my boss.  They both did.

While I was on vacation I got those emails and called my boss.  He and I aligned, I reminded him of the repeated coaching I have provided, and that upon my return I would be having the zero tolerance, never again, or the formal disciplinary process would begin with my #2.   My boss informed me that he had a 1:1 call scheduled with my #2 to discuss this issue among a few other things.

My boss sent my #2 the e/ms from #2's  two counterparts on my staff after their respective last days.  My #2 looks like he is a bug splattered on a wind shield last week and this week.  He has been remarkably pleasant all things considered though he is attempting to support his agressive asshole interpersonal style with data showing that when he is a "dick" (my bosses term used in a conversation with #2 and I this week in reference to #2's behavior) the org performs better.  Ummmmm nope.  Longer term data proves unequivocally the opposite.  #2 was not happy when I countered with the year+ improvement data. His data was highlighting short term dips and spikes.


2.  #2 left early this afternoon to get ready for a trip home to visit his family. He will be on vacation all of next week. It should be blissfully calm for my whole org.  Knock on wood.

3. Also on my #2... Interestingly, he has been taking fairly regular "decompression walks" around mid way through the work day. This started about a month ago.  I suspect that he is self medicating during his "walks".  He is a fan of "edibles".   If he was smoking, I would be all over disciplinary action.  Since I have no proof, my company has no "reasonable suspicion" test policy, and he is not doing it in front of me I will forego taking action.  For now I am remaining blissfully ignorant of that and blissfully tolerant of the far more regularly tolerable #2.

4.  On a great note... Mom has recovered from her stomach bug and is back to walking 3miles per day though she says she still feels week and intermittently light headed. Her Electro-Cardiologist declared her heart extremely strong and healthy. Her GP has her scheduled for a nuclear Cat Scan next week, and her newly referred to Gastro-Interologist has her sheduled for a endoscopy exam of her stomache. That Doc suspects and ulcer.


I have once again gone Low Carb Nazi and my scale and BG levels are heading in a very positive direction, positive in results, very negative in levels. Losing weight, and BG is growing significantly more stable and closer to my lower control limit. 

Think I will take my bride to watch some Dinosaurs this weekend. Time to see the new JP movie.

Please enjoy your weekend everyone and may your FD weekend be one of drama free calm.  My regards to all of the DH's and dads of any flavor this WE.