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OT - Thirsty Thursday

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Or should I say Monday 4.0? Gaaaaaah... This has been one helluva week and I need a mental escape!

Let's expand on Thirsty Thursday...

WHERE would you like to be - any place in the world
WHEN - any time of year.
WHO would you like to be with
WHAT would you like to be drinking - coffee, tea, alco-bev, water, exotic cocktail?


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WHERE: Oulun Laani, Finland (birthplace of my grandfather)

WHEN: April, to enjoy Spring AND see the Northern lights

WHO: my Dad. He lives in FL and I miss him like crazy.

WHAT: khavi (Finnish coffee)

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Should be Monday 4.0... I'm exhausted and having a rough mental health day.

WHERE: The beach

WHEN: Spring to early summer

Who: No one. Blissful solitude

What: Water? Or powerade zero... Idk. Something. I really just want to be IN the water. lol

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We're in crunch time and I find myself too involved in the prep for a conference I'm not even going to. Plus my boss expects it all done, and yet, he keeps disrupting it all and making it impossible. It's honeslty just high stress and the conference is in like a week... Because they couldn't approve stuff in a reasonable time frame like sane poeple.

lol. I know I sound whiny. It's just been a thorn in my side.

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I feel ya - looooooooong week. I keep thinking it's Friday but it never is.

WHERE would you like to be - any place in the world: Costa Rica
WHEN - any time of year: Right bloody now
WHO would you like to be with: SO
WHAT would you like to be drinking - coffee, tea, alco-bev, water, exotic cocktail?: Alcohol and lots of it! I'm kind of in the mood for a whiskey sour. 

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DPW, have you ever had a stone sour? It's half sour mix, half orange juice. I rarely drink orange juice, but do enjoy the occasional stone sour. Smile

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WHERE would you like to be - Italy
WHEN - Fall
WHO Family and Friends
WHAT would you like to be drinking - Whatever the locals are drinking.

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Advice, what part of Italy? And, for whatever reason, I'm thinking of a lovely, local red wine. Smile

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Ah, okay! I love the water and seafood, so I can see myself near the coast.

Pssst.... your butt might get pinched. Wink

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That sounds nice, I will take that by the coast with some fresh seafood.

So funny story my friend and I were in Vegas recently and Elvis on a scooter drove by and tried to grab my butt. Damn cheeky Elvis.

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Funny, Advice.only, This is exactly what I was coming to write!

Where- Italy

When- Fall

Who- My SO

What- Everything. Wine, beer, limoncello....the works.

I am actually planning this trip as we speak! My SO is balking at the cost so he may or may not be coming, but I'm going no matter what!

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Hey Aniki!!!!

Where: On a ranch down south with horses

When: Right this very moment

With who: A new friend

What would I be drinking: Lots of rum!

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WHERE - Beach
WHEN - Early to Mid-May
WHAT anything boozy, fruity and frozen for daytime, a nice dry red in the evening

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WHERE:  Today I'd like to be at my sister's house, laying by the pool
WHEN:  End of April/early May so it's not too hot
WHO:  Sister
WHAT:  At this time of day...likely an iced tea, but shortly move to a wine spritzer with lunch.

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I am totally on board with a mental escape! Sounds perfect!

WHERE - Seriously anywhere, but if I could choose I would like to fast fwd to our trip to Ireland (we go in July)

WHEN - Today!

WHAT - WINE!  and water of course, its my BFF...hydration hydration hydration.

WHO - DH (although I am of the mindset I could really go anywhere by myself, wouldn't bother me at all.)