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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Happy Friday Eve, STalkers! Here I was, thinking it was Wednesday. Until my dreaded weekly Zoom meeting headed by King Pita popped up. Gaaaaaah! 

I am thankful for:

  • Thinking it was Wednesday because the weekend is now one day closer!
  • KP being unable to attend that meeting. Instead of a teeth-clenching, always-running-over, ear grating irritation, it was a 7 minute, no frills, swiftly accomplished task. Yes!
  • Delete and Block options. No need to read any caca. No chance to leave an annoying voicemail. 
  • My amazing Dad. All of my life, he has been a rock: solid and dependable. His faith is strong, his ethics are unquestionable, his love is neverending, and he has never steered me wrong. Whenever I find myself in a pickle, I ask, "What would Dad do?" While I doubt I can ever live up to it, I pray I can be half the man his is because that is SO much more than any other person I've known (with the exception of my DH). I am so blessed to be his daughter. Rakastan sinua Isi. <3
  • The pleasure of knowing and working with an Olympic athlete. While we only worked together for a short time, we continued to have a friendly relationship for many years. I cannot believe today is his last official work day. 
  • My DH. For the first time in YEARS, I am making a dress. Not just any dress, but one for his son's wedding. I'm nervous about it being subpar and not meeting the attire standard of the other guests. What does he say to me? "Baby, it will be fine and you will be the most beautiful woman there." I love that man. <3


Thirsty Thursday = Aniki drinking a homemade, iced cardamom latte. Nom nom nom...


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Oh Aniki, I thought you were saying Happy Friday evening and at first you thought it was Wednesday and I thought poor Aniki still doesn't realize it is Thursday! Well happy thursday or Friday eve. Smile

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Chmmy, I worked for several hours believing today was Wednesday! LOL

Wishing you much success on your book, hon. *give_rose*

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Thankful I can recognize passive aggressive hypocrites who are too full of their own highfalutin BS to see their so called advice is nothing more than trying to push their ideas and beliefs down everyone's throat. Nothing like pulling your I'm so much better than you shirt on instead of actually trying to help.

Thankful I'm off tomorrow tho it's for minor surgery because it gives me the weekend to recover.

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Hope all goes well for you tomorrow W. *give_rose*

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Thanking for nice day of garden. Weeds is banish and plants have the blooms!

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I saw a great friend on Thursday.  We had a fab time and I'm so grateful.

Aniki, I'm sure your dress will be fabulous.  Please keep us updated on progress.  Its like steptalk's own special version of sewing bee.

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Thank you, TASM. The bodice and "underskirt" are done. I'll start working on the appliqué lace overlay and sleeves tomorrow. 

My shoes are cream leather kitten heels and I adore them!