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OT - Eff Off Friday

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We made it to Friday! Raise your cup to survivng another week of "What the Hell now?!"

Is anyone else counting the hours until the end of the work day? Just under 5 hours for me and - since I'm currently WFH - I will be doing a mental sprint for the door! What a week. 

Eff off to:

  • Middle-aged acne. Yes, I know that unless I live to be 110, I am a tad past middle-age. Regardless, these effing ZITS are totally bogus at my age. Sheesh!
  • The 3 Cs
    • Cancer
    • Covid
    • cKing Pita (Hey, 'k' sounds like the 'c' in the first two, so why not? Should I go with Craptastic KP? Or I could start putting an apostrophe before 'King (shades of 'Ho) and King is short for farKing...)
  • Me. DH was sooooooo excited to show me the 30 pounds of chicken quarters he got. Woo hoo! I tried to be enthusiastic, but that's my least favorite part of the chicken. Apparently, DH thought I've been sacrificing "the good meat" for the last 10 years because he gets the thighs, legs, and wings of the roast chicken and I get the "bland boobs". (Dammit, I LIKE those boobs!) So now I have to figure out what meals to make that I will eat out of those effing chicken quarters. 
    • Chicken Black Bean Chili
    • Chicken stew
    • Chicken ala 'King
    • Aniki drinks a Sriacha Mary to kill her tastebuds before eating those effing quarters
    • STalkers generously share recipes that will mask the taste of the legs and thighs


Wishing you a stress-free, enjoyable weekend!


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Happy Friday Aniki, sorry I have no recipes for chicken quarters, we are a breast family.

Eff off to Cancer and Covid!

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Happy Friday, AO! *kiss2* 

I'd been buying only breasts for many years (aside from chowing down on some tasty wings), but DH luuuuuuvs the other parts, so buying whole chickens worked out well. LIttle did I know he thought I'd been missing out all of these years. Sigh... 

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Aww, Aniki, I'm a veg now but I preferred the quarters like your DH.   This was my favorite recipe to make with chicken thighs, I also added carmelized onion and had DH grill the chicken for me.  It's so good.

Definitely eff off to cancer and COVID. 

Eff off to struggling with my empathy for certain people.  My MIL is a fearful person and she's pretty whiny for having all the blessings in life she does.  I would feel more empathetic toward her, she is old and scared, if she wasn't so mean about other people's problems.  Like boo hoo when it comes to her and bootstraps for everyone else.  And I am not good at hiding my feelings on my face.  Luckily, I haven't had to see her much with COVID, so silver lining there I guess. 

Eff off to my bad little cat pulling a gorgeous homemade pizza off the table the other night (I didn't cut it all the way through in some places as it turned out) and it landing topping side down.  He's lucky he's such a cute little bastard.

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Thanks for sharing that recipe, GImmy! Carmelized onions are soooooo tasty. *yahoo*

Gads, she sounds like my one SIL's evil stepmonster (I've mentioned her before). That old bat is damn MEAN. If she is scared, she hasn't mentioned it to anyone. And IF she is, she takes it out on people instead of saying she is scared. Difficult to muster up much sympathy for anyone who goes through life deliberately using and abusing people. Sad

Kitten Whiskers is right, doll. You should've given that cute little bastard his own slice! >^..^<  *lol*

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- To Distance learning. As I am learning, being a parent wrt schooling is HARD. Distance learning is HARDER.

- To Munchkin not telling us she left her school computer at our house until last night. Shes failing 3 classes, and was supposed to be working on assignments since we "found out" by logging into the Parent Portal, which I finally was able to figure out how to get into.

- To Toxic Troll, who put herself as main contact, however has not been monitoring the email, so of course she didnt know that kiddo is failing ORCHESTRA. And I know this because the orchestra teacher emailed me telling me she sent 2 notices of ZERO work being done the ENTIRE school year, since August.

- To Munchkin again. Her one and only job was school and she hasnt been doing her job. Ill be darned if Im supporting a kiddo who isnt doing her job.

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CLove, your post makes me want to day drink. Well, it IS Friday and I only have one more zoom meeting...LOL

TT should be TTT (Toxic Twatwaffley Troll). She's so bloody useless! I'm wondering if Munchkin is feeling a bit overwhelmed with the transition to HS being remote. I know you'll be working with your DH and Munchkin to get her back on track. You're such a good and caring lady. *give_rose*

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Partial Eff off Friday. Finally finished a hellish close week, but can't drink tonight because of donating blood tomorrow morning. Sad

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Justshootme, good on you! What about treating yourself to a milkshake or a decadent dessert? 

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Now that you mention it, I think I might have a Magnum ice cream bar in the freezer! Dance 4

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It's been a helluva busy week at work.  However, I'm acing it and my manager loves me, the division director is very pleased and so is the cranky-ish other manager I work with (he actually gave me a very good annual review!). So pat on my back.

DH is picking up burgers to go from our local diner tonight for dinner and I'll pop a good bottle of vino to go with 'em. YSD was given no choice, she will also get a burger (they are super good).  She won't touch the french fries but more for us!

The last two days on my run I've seen deer, a hawk, blue heron, a bunny (someone relased some pet bunnies a couple years ago and the black one is still going strong).  Super cool. I heard the hawk this morning call out but couldn't see it.

YSD will be with us for two solid weeks, week before and then week of Xmas as usual. DH was complaining about Xmas decorations - I'm like, #1 - it's DECEMBER people put up decorations now per usual in the neighborhood and #2 What are you complaining about, you don't put them up and you don't help take them down?! FFS.

Realised I need to make holiday cookies for me and the neighbors (vastly cutting down quantity this year as I usually make a bunch for work too). Spritz cookies and rum balls.  Gorgeous things.  I'm going to attempt to make panettone (Italian sweet holiday bread) this weekend; if it works out I'll make more.

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She doesn't eat potatoes in any form. Also, no pizza, no hot dogs, no mac n cheese, no chips of any kind but for maybe pretzels, no fast food....bascially NO food you would think a teen would eat.

Don't get me started on her sister, OSD's, food issues.

I think both of them have major food problems. I know YSD has had problems eating at friend's homes due to her pickiness. She's come home starving many times.

I've told her she's missing out on some simple life joys, that it's OK to enjoy something bad for you sometimes.

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Yeah, we've talked about this.  YSS is like this too.  He doesn't like pizza, only plain spaghetti (no red sauce), etc.  Nothing can have any seasoning on it - black pepper is too "spicy".   He will eat fries though.

The best was when I was still trying and made mac and cheese with a mornay sauce and it was "too cheesy", lol. 

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Oh yes, same thing here.  I get being picky.  My sister was picky, but with OSD, I think we've discussed, it's a disorder and I fear that as YSD gets older her rigidity with basically everything is also effecting food - which as I've warned DH can lead to actual eating disorders.  The other day she was telling me she felt sooooo tired around 5:00 pm.  Of course you do, you need a healthy snack around 2-3 pm (she eats NO snacks) - get a piece of fruit, pretzels, crackers and you will feel better.  We eat around 6:30 so a little late and she's FINE to snack. I'd rather see her snacking than not really.

She eats ZERO dairy, ZERO potatoes, ZERO tomatoes, ZERO seafood, ZERO sauces - everything must be separate on her plate.  She does like many veggies which is good so we make a lot of greens and she eats most meats.  Funny thing is she ate better when she was younger. 

I know that BM and DH did NOT introduce them to food correctly at all. Basically they let the kids decide what to eat 100% of the time. I was shocked that at ages 7 and 9 they literally ate nothing but:  toast, plain pasta (only spaghetti shape, nothing else! There was a big meltdown the first time I made colored spiral pasta!) maybe with a little olive oil, plain rice, chicken nuggets or strips, french fries (yes, YSD used to eat them)...I cannot even think of what else there was.  I think OSD ate some cereal, frosted flakes I think. They never had cherries until that summer - FLOORED me. They had no idea what a cherry was!  And they were not joking. Nor cucumber.  BASIC kid stuff.

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I remember in the not-so-distant past when DH tried to add Lunchables to my shopping list and I said absolutely not.  No way was I buying overpriced Lunchables for a damn 19 year old.  I told him I would get lunch meat, cheese, and crackers and with a minimal amount of effort, you have pretty much the same thing but less expensive and better quality.

Ridiculous.  The kid has headaches all the time from not drinking water and eating like he's on a hunger strike.  Hopefully the upcoming intake for evaluation will help but I am not holding my breath. 

He was exposed to different foods but no one really did the work to try to get him more comfortable with new things.

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Cover, it sounds like you're having an awesome week. Woo hoo!!!

Rum balls? Ooooooooooo.... I could use some rum balls. Or bourbon balls. Nom nom nom...

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Take a standard rum ball/bourbon ball recipe.  Don't use Nilla wafers, use shortbread. Then use gourmet chocolate, not hershey's. Then use high-quality alcohol, not the cheap stuff FGS (plus you'll drink the remaining stuff).  THAT makes a super good treat.

Oh, I like the chicken quarters too.  Can you make enchiladas or pulled chicken of some sort?  Tacos? Burritos? oh that sounds gooood.

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Thank you so much for sharing! Using shortbread obviously makes a difference (I find Nilla wafers a bit 'chemically'). Lady, I don't drink cheap stuff! Do you think Makers Mark reserve is overkill? Wink

DH might eat enchiladas and he loves my pulled chicken. I've never tried making it with quarters - only boneless chicken breasts. I definitely need to surf the web for more ideas because I am NOT making that chicken schwarma I found!

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Heck no.  I buy whatever premium small batch booze is available. It's not cheap.

For the chicken you should stay with recipes that disguise the texture as dark meat is differnt than white.  And strong flavors will  help you too.  We're making goose for Xmas - all dark meat!  Have no idea what YSD will eat but that's not my issue, it's allllll DH's idea.

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It's not the texture; it's the taste. I would rather have a vegan meal. Gonna have to suck it up though... *unknw*

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I have a GIANT pimple on my chin. Thank God for mask wearing. I swear I thought an alien was going to pop out of it yesterday. LOL