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OT - Eff Off Friday/Forn Friday

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Happy Friday, STalkers! Hope you're having a better day than I am.

Eff off to:

  • King Pita asking the same question to the team via Chat AND Email, then complaining about dual responses, no responses, and his inability to see all responses. Newsflash, KP. Send an email to the team with a Voting selection. This ain't rocket science.  *dash1*
  • Idiots who reply to All when told not to and the bigger idiots who reply to All with "Stop Replying To All".
  • Wrong numbers calling at 3am. 


Forn Friday

Forn is 'food' and 'p0rn' combined.

Wow, was I frazzled after Mr Aniki's surgery. I took yesterday and got some much-needed rest, but stress and anxiety took a toll on my stomach. My go-to? A can of chicken and wild rice soup to the rescue. It was gentle on my stomach and was a quick and easy comfort food (and a grilled cheese for DH). Do you have a quick and easy go-to when you're not feeling well or out of sorts?


Wishing you a stress-free, healthy, and enjoyable weekend!


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In our area there are hundreds of taqarias. Thats my go to!

Salsa verde of course.

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Eff off to the 20 something guy who was parked in front of me at the supermarket click and collect and who decided to reverse (goodness knows why), without looking, rather than going straight ahead to reach the road. He hit the rear of my car and stopped. I tried to tell him to pull forward but he was in full panic mode. Couldn't understand that he was blocking my door. Kept asking me to calm down when I was trying to get him to roll forward so I could get out of my car. Then he tried to explain that I had nothing to worry about because my car suffered no damage. Moron. 

Once I actually managed to get out, I checked my car, seriously, he had managed to crush the entire back of his car on the passenger side against my (intact) bumper. I don't even have a scratch on mine. Idiot.

I think I scared the shit out of him. Good. He scared the heck out of my daughter ( the one who has Down Syndrome) and who was in the car at the time of impact.

Forn? I'm making fish and chips for me and my daughter tomorrow. Yay!

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You only call the police here if someone is injured or if alcohol is involved. The car has been checked and is fine. Have to do things fast here because you only have three days to file with insurance. 

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So glad you and your DD are okay, Winterglow. {{{hugs}}}

We're having fish and chips tonight!

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Eff Off to this monster snow storm. Drove home in a blizzard, dodging semi's sliding off into the ditch, and  my freakin windshield wiper fell off. Arrgh.

My go to is Kashi blueberry Crunch cereal with fresh blueberries on top. I also make some healthy carrot cake muffins with walnuts, and keep them in the freezer to grab n. go.

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I have been craving carrot muffins. Mmmm. 

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I like Kashi, Shieldmaiden. My fave cereal is Nature's Path Organic Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch. It has bits of raspberries and strawberries. *blum3*

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a new one is is spawned.

Eff0ff:  To the newly transferred Regional Safety Manager.  He was rejected by his last Sr. Regional Manager. So now... he is over my business for safety support.  He is a name dropper, a look at me!!!! dumbass, and so far is commited to underminng every one of the sites in the region with his "You didn't follow the rules" cry baby bullshit.  

Guess what dumbass?... We did follow the rules, you wrote the rules, and you do not like getting smacked about the head and shoulders with a rolled up copy of YOUR rules.  Too  bad!!!!!  The good news is... my recently appointed Sr Reginal hates him as much as I and my peers all do.

So, what happened one may wonder?  We had a first aid injury early this AM.  Not a severe injury. A minor squish to the tip of a thumb. Ouch! But only a first aid that the individual administered self care first aid for. 

The rules say, for an emergency, immediately call 911. Nope, not an emergency. Check.

The rules also say, for anything less than an emergency but more than a first aid, call the Regional Safety Manager to engage TeleMed or  our local Industrial Medicine partner. Nope, not more than a first aid. Check.

And finally, the RSM has to be notified of any incident within an hour.... unless it is not possible to notify that quickly. In which case they must be notified by the end of the same shift.  So, I called him 2hrs post injury and 5hrs before end of shift.  Check.

My new #2 (Who just won support org employee of the month awarded by our customer after joining my org only 7wks ago!! I'm so proud of this young individual.) is traveling with his family today so I am flying solo for meetings, investigations, etc.....   The shift supervisor.. .has to supervise and keep everything running and as I am the owner of this site, I am duty bound to report incidents per the policy.  Which... I did.  Dumbass freaked out that he was not called within an hour.  I SNIPPED the third bullet in the escalation process and sent it to Dumbass, my boss, and his boss.  Crickets from dumbass after that. Read your own rules dipshit!!!

Now, for next week. No doubt there will be a shit storm of back and forth on this. I have the rules. I will reply with the rules.  Anyone wanna bet that the "or by the end of the shift" element of the escalation criteria magically disappears next week.  I have that doc saved, scanned, printed, and a paper copy.  Bring it on asshole!

F0rn:  Not sure yet what that looks like. We will make it up as we go. But, I am thinking a Sashimi fest is in order.  Low carb, tasty, and supports the melting waist line efforts.

Quick and easy.  A package of Trader Joes precooked chicken meat balls, a jar of Cacio Pepe sauce (also from Trader Joes though i do not recall the brand off of the top of my head), a bunch of sliced mushrooms (swag it for amount) and about 1/2C of either diced white onion or chopped green onion, and a package of Konjac Pene noodles.  Brown the meat balls in a non stick pan with some olive oil, add the shrooms and onions and cook to desired tendersness, add the Cacio Pepe, stir until it is simmering, rinse then stir in the Pene.  Start to finish, 15-20 mins. Makes three adult sized servings so DW has some for lunch.  It is sooooo good.  Sometimes I dice a pepper (Jalapeno, Serano, etc... whatever is in the veg drawer)  and toss it in when I add the shrooms and onion.


I pick up DW from the airport at 10PM tonight. She has spent the last 9days with my family and visiting a couple of friends in TX.  It will be good to have her home. Now.. I have to go purge the 9 days of bachelor living from the house before I head to the airport.

And.... it looks like we may sell our TX home since it does not look like we will be living in it... likely ever again.  Now that DW has resighed from the TX firm and is starting with a much bigger national firm we no longer have a HouTX connection.  I am fine renting until we figure out what we want to do and where we want to do it... when we grow up.

Though it is a beautiful home. 

No doubt DW will vent that we are nomads. Yep, we most certainly are.  


Have a fun, happy, and safe weekend STalkers.

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That pasta sounds tasty, Rags. I'd skip the penny and add zoodles. *blum3*

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Though the penne is quicker since there is no prep on the konjac other than to rinse it prior to adding to the dish. There is no cooking required, add it to completely cooked hot dish and enjoy.

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I don't usually cook zoodles. Heating them in the sauce in my preference. 

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and simmer for a minute or two.

We are infatuated with the Konjac  (Rice, Spaghetti, Fetuccini, Pene) and the Palm noodle Lasagna.  The Pene is or favorite.  It strikes us as  more pasta like due to size and thickness.

I have not tasted actual pasta in a decade or more.  Having a decent alternative is huge.


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I hear ya! Finding a palatable alternative to pasta is HUGE. One of my daughters was diagnosed with celiac disease and the gluten-free pasta at the time was appalling. Cook it for 20 seconds too long and you had a gooey mass in the pan. Yuck! Fortunately, things have changed.

I really must try konjak alternatives. Any suggestions for a first timer? Sauces? Particular dishes that are not to be missed?

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Love konjac noodles here too! The texture is slightly different but they are yummy. I use then like any noodles.

Italian or Asian (with a stir fry). Either one works!

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Aniki, Glad to hear you took some time for you.

Eff off to cry baby senior managers, let's call this one Mr MD.  And eff off to the executives who enable the whinging, lets call him MR Exec. 

I have a project that is worth $$$$ that has to get delivered on a stupidly short timetable [Thanks Mr Exec for agreeing to this impossible task on our behalf].  This means that everyone needs to really pull out all the stops to make sure we deliver.  I'm managing the workflow and have been very encouraging to the teams to keep them working without being a tyrant.

On Friday, Mr MD complained to Mr Exec that the workload and expectations were too much for him and his people.  So Mr Exec's solution was to tell Mr MD that he and team were off the hook.  He called me to ask me not to bother the poor souls.  When I pointed out that we needed their input to avoid losing $$$ and that we hadn't changed the timetable with the external parties his attitude was "Just make it happen".  Mr Exec is a specialist in a sub section of the project but it doesn't give him any expertise in my area of knowledge so this isn't something he understands.

It won't happen unless I create a miracle.

And when it doesn't Mr Exec and Mr MD will completely have forgotten that they caused the car crash.  My brain is at STFU to all of them.


When I'm feeling tired and have a tender stomach I love soup.  Today I'm going to make home made soup with roasted carrots and swedes (rutabaga to everyone Stateside). 

But I also love brown soda bread.  It is definitely my go to after a bout of stomach flu.


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Gads, TASM. What a pair of asshats. *dash1*

I'm Finnish and grew up eating swedes/rutabagas. Love them! *yahoo*  Must find a soup recipe now...

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Didn't want people to think I was eating your cousins.  *diablo*

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My current 3 u p who runs our company includes a threat of disciplinary action in every communique.  In the usual 'me too' response from his direct reports, they all include a threat of disciplinary action in nearly every one of their communiques.  HR, Safety, Training. All try to out Napoleon, Napoleon.

So, I tell  them to nitiate and deliver any disciplinary action that I do not agree with.  When I tell them that I have addressed it via coaching, they scream, yell, and demand a formal documented disciplinary action per policy. I refuse, tell them that as the Sr. Manager it is in my pervue to apply discipline as I choose.  Then I ask them to provide the policy in writing..... CRICKETS!!! Of course... there are nearly ZERO written policies.

My one up and his peers are all collaborating to drive the support organizations into their lanes and return ownership of managing their businesses back to the Sr. site leaders.  I get a number of calls from the 1 ups to discuss the initiative to get the support organizations to actually support rather than try to direct Site leaders.

I have felt your pain.  I still feel your pain upon occassion.



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"swedes (rutabaga to everyone Stateside)"

And "neeps" to us Scots Smile

I'd write up an account of the situation, the needs, the extra work, the fewer resources, and at the end make it clear that the situation was already nearing the "nigh impossible" category and that "just make it work" boots it into "unlikely miracles". All said in the most efficient, nicest possible way without actually pointing fingers but making sure that the guilty elements can be identified after the fact should they be looking for someone to blame. Then send it to Mr Exec. Don't let him forget his role.

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You are dead right about writing the whole thing up.  That's the job for today.

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There is something profoundly satisfying about hanging them with their own rope....

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Roasted radishes are delicious!

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Radishes have practically no carb compared to many other veg.  Learnt something new today.

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All the recipes look so amazing.  I'm suddenly starving.

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More things to look for at the green grocers on Sunday.

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Beware of the black ones - very peppery. Serve as carpaccio with olive oil and the herbs of your choice - or simply sprinkled with salt. The blue ones (there's a red version too - they're big and fat)  are jucier. I spiralize and serve, Bavarian-style, sprinkled with salt and everyone breaks off as much as they want. Often served with beer ... 

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I'd be okay with very peppery! Especially with Mexican food.

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Winterglow, I am, but have not had either one.

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As with most things it's a question of taste. Black radishes are an acquired taste due to being pretty strong in taste. Blue ones are just bigger, possibly milder, versions of the small ones - aa bit jucier too. 

The French serve standard radishes with butter ... I've never gotten the hang of that. I've never seen, let alone tried, cooked radishes ... I must try some of those recipes of yours!

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Pan fried ham and 'potatoes'

'Potato' in stews and soups

etc... They are flavor neutral, take on the seasonings applied to them nicely, and add bulk and a veg variety component to various dishes.

I have also added them to roasted brussel sprouts to add some color and a different texture element.

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Them in my container garden

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Eff offs now that I'm semi retired other than  what is turning out to be a problem tenant who at almost 48 yrs old does a LOT of blame shedding.

F0rn-- I am anxiously awaiting my new smoker which will be here this upcoming week just in time for Easter!  Now back to my third fold and stretch (baguettes).

S0rn (soap and toiletries) Morrocan black oil soap with rosemary.  Heavenly!