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OT - Eff Off Friday

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Soooooo glad it's finally Friday! This has been a week of Mondays. Crappy Mondays. Where the work hours draaaaaaag and time at home flies by. Blech. I'm TIRED.

Eff off to:

  • Jerkwads who text and drive. Yes, EVERYONE CAN TELL. You're driving like you're drunk except your eyes are focused on your lap; not the road. WHEN you have an accident, I pray you don't kill an innocent person.
  • George and his "inviting" everyone to teleconferences when they are not needed. I am not a programmer, George. I'm looking at the shared screen and feel like I've just entered The Matrix (would you choose the red pill or the blue pill?). Even the programmers are asking why I'm on the freaking call. I had to skip my PT appointment to be on a call I should never have been on. Eff off, George, you buttmunch.
  • Clothes manufacturers and the caca they use for shirt tags. WTH IS that crap? A combination of cactus spikes, nettles, and poison oak?? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudge. 
  • People who insist that I "need to do this/that/the other thing". NO, I DO NOT. I'm an iceberg and all you see is the tip. You have NO FACKING IDEA what's going on below the surface and you NEVER WILL. What's going on in my head is a nightmare carnival ride you don't want to be on, would have you wetting your pants and crying in your Cheerios, and could never handle. So Eff Off on your way to Effing Off and quit trying to insert your wishing-I-could-punch-you-in-it nose. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!


I hope your weekend is loooooong and enjoyable!


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*Eff off to the jerks I work with who were mean to my favortie recruiter, prompting her to resign.  She was so upbeat and lovely and now I'm stuck with others who just aren't her.  I want to be SUPER unpleasant to the jerks that made her sad.  (She was young and is about to get married, so I know it's not *just* the jerks, but there are a lot of jerks to contend with.)

*Eff off to my 6 month old puppy having to be neutered today.  Yes, it's the right thing to do, but the worry is killing me!  He's snub nosed, so there are all kinds of risks.  My vet is the best, but I'm not going to feel better until he's home.

*Eff off to DH's XW.  She started another damned smear campaign against him, this time using the interrogatories in the custody case that DH had to file because she wouldn't talk to him to resolve any issues--and after SD asked to move to our house.  DH got another venomous voicemail from his *estranged* father as a result.  Because that's what everyone needs on a Friday, right?

*Eff off to aforementioned estranged father, as well.

*Eff off to having the SKs until next Sunday on top of it all.  I can't stand the sight of them when their mother is acting up.

My goodness I hope that's all that needs effing off today!  I'm not prepared to deal with much more.  

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Daaaaaaaang, woman! [{{hugs}}}

I hope all goes well with your puppy. IMO, you need to plan some solo activities for the upcoming skid invasion so you can decompress. Your FIL is a major asshat. 

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You're right, I do need to avoid the turdilngs some.  I'm definitely headed to Target tomorrow AM because retail therapy is a thing.  I've been online retail therapying this morning, too.  LOL  If bad stuff keeps happening, I'm gonna put us in the poor house!  

And I agree, my FIL is a complete and total asshat.  When DH told me he called, my first question was "is he dying again?" because that's normally why he calls.  He is such a waste of DNA...

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Retail therapy and a nice lunch. If you were here, I'd take you to the tea room for a lovely and delicious three-tiers-of-tastiness.

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Eff off to

  • Making $5
  • DH not helping with the dogs this morning when they decided to randomly explore the neighbor's yards after getting out with the skids on their way out to the bus
  • Being sick but having too much going on to miss work
  • My left eye that keeps twitching
  • All my coworkers "being sick" next tuesday (for World of Warcraft... Apparently my work friends are 12...)

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PA, I can relate to that not being able to miss work. I don't need a Mental Health day - I need an entire WEEK.

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I could use a week! There's just so much. I'm going to hold onto this day, knock out EVERYTHING possible, then on a day DH is working and the skids are at school, I'm taking that day off and spending the WHOLE day ALONE. It's going to be magical.

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Two weeks would be better. And we just got word that we have 40 HOURS of training that must be completed by September 4th. I guess we're not supposed to have a personal life...

EFF OFF TO ARSEHOLES who spring a shiteload of BS training on you at the last bloody minute.

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That's the worst!!! I don't see why it's so hard to PLAN IN ADVANCE sometimes at work!!! My work LOVES springing last minute anything on us!

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This training has to be done AT WORK. There are 7 work days left. Even if I stayed at work 12 hours a day, there is no way I can complete all of this training by that effed up due date.

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Not too many Effs again!

* This is my LAST Friday at my current job.  Eff off to responsibility. I have one thing left to do this afternoon.  The final 2.5 days are gong to be DULL.

* Then vaca with family.  NOT a real vacation then as we know. However, DH and I are booked into a resort, have a clear calendar the day after we get there to do nothing (except a little shopping and pedis).  Then it's 'family time' until a couple days later (our anniversary - again, a cleared calendar).  My mother tried to scoop up all our 'free time' - um, no, mom.  You have X day and then Y day lunch.  We don't have time for more because of sister, aunt/uncle, DH's know, not just you.  UGH.

* Going to leave work one hour early today.  Yay!

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It is not a 'vacation' - I have not had a real vacation since Thanksgiving.  And due to new position, will not have one until this coming Thanksgiving.  I am TIRED.

However, I do plan on sitting as close to the pool as possible (it'll be way, way too hot most of the time) and ordering G&Ts in between soda waters.

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Conflicted here:

EFF OFF to DH have to work night shift tonight and not getting home till 11 BUT Not eff off since I get free reign of the living room TV and will curl up on the couch with hot cocoa and watch Horror on Netflix

Scratch one-s head


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Classy, my DH works a different shift and doesn't get home 'til around midnight. I have the tv to myself Mon-Fri, but typically have it turned off. *unknw*

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Oh, I have time to myself tonight too, DH won't be getting home till around 10 pm, so that means no cooking and murder shows on Netflix!

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My DH watches horror movies when I'm not home. I watch Murder, She Wrote when he's not home. LOL

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I pretty much watch all the good British police murder mysteries.  I'm working my way through the entire 14 (?) seasons of Silent Witness currently.

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Adults who can not follow simple directions. THEN when it is brought TO their attention with facts,  they  Blame YOU. WTH???

People who can NOT manage to stay off their cell phones while operating their cars and cause accidents.

Going to the Mall quickly reminds me of why I order on line. Smart A** young adults do not have a clue about being polite OR giving bare minimum customer service. .When I had to work retail during Christmas one year I kissed every customers rear out of fear of being fired. I get it retail is not pleasent but you better fake it....





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They blame YOU for THEIR incompetence? Wonderful.

I swear that young people could care less that others perceive them as uncooperative, unpleasant arseh0les. After all, they can live at home with Mommy and Daddy and not worry about being polite to people!

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Visual Fox Pro

there, I said it!

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Eff off to a guy at work who is complaining about the exact thing I've been complaining about for FOUR YEARS. He hasn't been willing to address it, but now that his ass is on fire we're all supposed to jump. Uh, no. Let's get it on the project list, but not ahead of the thing that's about to wrap up that I've been complaining about for SEVEN years. Eff that noise.

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EFF OFF TO THE ANGRY EARTH!  We had another 5.0 aftershock yesterday while I was at work, it was enough we all started to duck and cover, and one girl asked when should we evacuate...the answer was "WHEN THE DAMN SHAKING STOPS!"  Three more years of this they tell us!  THREE MORE EFFING YEARS!