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OT - Eff Off Friday

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TGIF!!! I am SO ready for the weekend. An entire work week spent on training is total suckage. Especially when it's training on things I will likely never use. Or maybe use once every other blue moon Sigh...

Eff off to:

  • Those crap chairs in the training facility. Oh, my aching arse!
  • People who send you an email...then immediately come over to ask if you received/read the email.
    1) I'm on the damn phone
    2) I'm writing things down while on the phone. It's called "making note".
  • Whiners who constantly whine about the weather. Effer, if you don't like the cold and snow, MOVE. No one is forcing you to live here. Frankly, there's nothing I loathe more than hot summer days, black flies, and mosquitos.
  • DH having to work this weekend. AGAIN. My poor hubby needs some rest. Sad


May your weekend be skidless and trouble-free. If you do have the skids, I hope you're able to sneak in some ME time.


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Sorry, but I'm gonna have to say, "Eff off to these effin' ice storms". I did ask DH if he wants to move, he doesn't. Cold? No problem. Snow? Don't love it but I can deal with. But this freezing rain, sleet, and ice has got to stop.

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I'm with you! F*ck this weather. My drive in was ridiculous this morning.

Sorry Aniki! *diablo*

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Ice storms are a whole 'nother animal! It's definitely a YUGE Eff Off to ice storms!!! But cold and snow? In the Winter?? In an area where we have a LOT of cold and snow??? Ish.

I am probalby the only person on the planet who never wishes for warmer weather.

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Hello! Here I am!

I hate summer. HATE IT.  I stay inside all the time complaining about the heat, unless it happens to be 72 all summer, which it never is.

Love the winter. Wish it would stay below freezing because then it's pretty and snowy and not muddy and rotten.

Ice storms are the worst, I literally slid all the way down my driveway yesterday and into the busy road.

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I'm forever hearing "In the Winter, you'll be wishing it was warm!". No, I f*cking will NOT!!! Last week (subzero temps), I was at the store and the cashier said, "How 'bout this weather, eh? Bet you're wishing for warm." To which I replied, "NO. No, I am NOT. I LOVE this weather. I was BORN for cold and snow and I'm in my element!" He looked at me like I was from another planet. LOL

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Yep. When it's 90 degrees in the summer, people say, "I'll take this over a blizzard any day!"

Nope. Bring on the blizzard. You will not hear me complain about winter, but summer sucks.  I get depressed in the summer.

ETA: spring and fall are fine too.  Summer is the worst.

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I can't do heat... You can only take so many clohtes off before it 1) becomes indecent. 2) stops having a cooling effect because it's so damn hot...

However in the cold, i can alwasy throw on another layer if I'm too chilly.

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Between that and the mosquitos... I avoid the outdoors during the summer unless I"m in the water somewhere.

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I'd love some hot weather right now.  The skids had 2 "ice" days off from school this week, SO came within an inch of sliding his car into a pole, and I just can't stand the cold. I've spent summers in FL and AL, so I know what hot, humid and buggy is, and I'll take it any day. I forgot to pay attention to the groundhog, but he can eff off if this winter shit isn't done with soon.




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Eff off to:

  • It's a busy day... I'm just gonna sumarize it as "Most things"

LMAO. HOwever! Happy thing! My DH got me a new computer for an early anniversary present! Mine was DEAD!

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Eff off (and a ton of other swear words!!)  to stupid, ignorant people who think they know it all.
Honest to heaven,  I have had enough of them this week!
It is the equivalent of standing in your home garage, and because you have one, you think you are a mechanic.
Because you are supposedly passionate and involved with something you think you know the facts, when demonstrably you don't. 
Where shouting (your ignorance) louder, makes you right.
Just effing EFF OFF!

(Rant over.)