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OT - Eff Off Friday

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First Friday of 2019 and I'm glad the weekend is almost upon us. And so it begins...

Eff off to:

  • Cheaters. WTF is wrong with you??? FIX IT OR GET OUT. A friend of mine's fiance left her New Year's Eve for someone else. %*$&{+#! fackwad.
  • People who try to schedule a meeting at 4pm on a Friday. A lot of people are off work BEFORE 4pm. And on a Friday?? Dude!
  • Sheer stupidity. "I don't have access" means "I don't have access". If the door is locked, you need a key to get in. To access that system, I need a key (login). It doesn't matter how many bloody times I open/close the site. I DON'T HAVE ACCESS!
  • SD22. That's a whole 'nother story.  Dash 1


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Eff off to the never-ending flu fallout. I haven't slept a full night since last Thursday, and there isn't enough cough syrup in the world to allow me to. The most continuous sleep I have gotten was the 4-5 hours yesterday when no one was in my home.

Which also brings me back to eff off to BM. She picked up the kids yesterday for a doctor's appointment, then kept them out all day (actually, bless her for that part). But, knowing I was sick, she told them they could stay the weekend, too, if they wanted. Frack. I know DH wants to spend time with them, and they have actually been quiet and helpful, but a part of me also wants to shoo everyone (DH and dogs included) out of thr house so I can rest.

Oh, did I say DOGS? Yes. I am dog sitting for my mother. I am responsible for both her dogs over the weekend, then just the puppy (yes, actual puppy) for a week. It wouldn't be such a big deal if I weren't dying.

Oh, and rescheduled Christmas with my dad and his GF on Sunday. So three dogs, 8 humans, and a slowly improving immune system awaits me. Eff it all.

*deep breath-turn-hacking-cough*

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Lt Dad, I'm sorry to hear that you're sick. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Nyquil? Jägermeister??

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Well, I have downgraded from Dayquil/Nyquil every 2-4 hours to 12 hour Mucinex, some ibuprofen to help with inflammation, and Delsym at night. Jäger is more likely to make me toss my toenails than make me feel better. Now spiced rum in tea, on the other hand...

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Eff off to my inconsiderate skids. Their never ending drama.

Eff off to dog owners who can't control their dogs.

Eff off to liars.

Eff off to violence of any kind.


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Queen, I agree with you on all of those. People who do not train/control their dogs should not have dogs. Or children!

(Psssst... glad to see you!)

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Eff off to BM that call to tell skid things that she KNOWS will upset him so she doesn’t have to be upset by herself. 


Eff off the cold that is terrorizing DD and therefore me. No substantial sleep since dec. 30


eff off to all this dang rain!!!!!! Anybody got a boat I can borrow. If it keeps up, I’m gonna need one

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It’s been raining here for about a week. Today is supposed to be the last day. 

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Eff off to adult ADD. Yes, DH, I know you struggle. But dang man, you are f'ing hard to live with sometimes.

And eff off to my own lack of patience over stupid stuff.

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Oh, and EFF OFF to my exH. Our daughter is 33 friggin years old, married, working, and in grad school. She's FINE, if a bit stressed. Don't call me with your damn "concerns."

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The biggest eff off imaginable to SS34 and his GF for what they are doing (and not doing) for their child.  I am totally disengaged from them but their actions are atrocious. 

The child at 3 years old is totally non verbal. Not even a dada. He squeals a lot but zero words. They just laugh it off.  They could get free help via the school system but they are too lazy to even look into it. 

The child is morbidly obese.  Not chubby - severely obese. That is 100% on the parents for a 3 year old.  Poor child doesn’t have a chance.

But what can one expect from two effwits who smoked, drank and did drugs throughout the pregnancy?

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Aniki, do you work in my office?!?! Seriously, eff off to all these DAY LONG meetings in every damn conference room and then all the other idiots that are pissed off that the conference rooms are in use!!!! WTF?!? How do you get any actual work done when you are in a never ending meeting.  A super huge EFF OFF to the ones that stay til 5pm on a Friday after their entire team is gone at 3pm (that was last Fri but I'm still mad about it b/c I have to babysit these effers)!

Eff off to SD being to distraught to visit last night b/c daddeetz called her out on her BS!

Eff off to BM for being the sick enabler/cause/whatever of SD's issues.

Eff of to SD "still struggling to fit into my family" - this wasn't a problem when presents were being distrubted.  

Eff of to tax season not being in November....I need my damn refund, lol!

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Simpleton, I have coworkers who often spend all bloody day on the phone. And I mean ALL day. One guy has to sneak away from a conference call to go to the bathroom or grab a drink. They are literally non-stop from the minute he starts work until the minute he leaves - NO breaks. Absolutely ridiculous!

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are almost always unavailable at continuous meetings with each other from dawn till dusk.

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Eff off to SD16 who puts the entire house in an uproar every time she doesnt get her way

Eff off to BM who comes over and takes my know damn right you dont want this bitch at your house ruining your marraige that's why you support me but will only take the kid for a day and bring her right back to start her shit again.

Eff off to my DH for his day late and a dollar short parenting. This should have started years ago then she would blame me for "changing her daddeeee" she misses him. Sorry I snatched you all from Disney World and in to the real world.

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Eff off to my regular winter bike which needs a ton of work at this bike guy is limping it along until the spring so I can sell it.  I'm riding my fenderless road bike in the rain which is always fun.  Not.

That's all I have to eff off to today!  I'm having a relaxing Friday so far, and will have a "weekend off" this weekend after the holidays for my recovery of myself.

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Well, today I made it through ok, just some rain in the morning.

If you call my raingear and wool a wetsuit so be it!


I get the cheating thing - I'm not exactly sure what happened but a friends husband decided to leave her and her THREE kids just before Xmas.  I mean, that's crazy.  I suspect another woman personally - there's no other reason not to limp through the holidays.


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That's horrible!! In this case, the POS actually told her he was leaving her for someone else. Diablo

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to the nastygram from CSEU stating that Chef is a couple of hundred dollars behind on his matriarchy support payments.

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Hey Aniki, I'm sorry your friend was cheated on. I think it would be great if cheating were a crime - It destroys people!

Eff off to:

  • people who can't just drive somewhere and mind their own business, but have to turn driving into a game
  • people who won't say "excuse me" in the grocery store, but instead just stare at me behind my back as if I'm psychic, getting mad at me for not using ESP and moving
  • stepparenting - if I could think of a way to quit stepparenting and still be married to DH, I would do it in a heartbeat
  • spending money. I feel as if I'm hemorraging money lately, but it's all for a purpose. I just hate spending money.
  • mean people. If you're having a bad day, keep to yourself. Don't spread your mood. Thanks.
  • gray hairs. I don't think my permanent dye is covering them well enough. I had a dream last night that my hair turned completely gray in front of my eyes within 30 seconds. I kept dying it, but that just made the gray roots grow out at breakneck speed. I was glad to wake up.

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I agree, Iamwoman. Cheaters suck. Especially those pathetic POS cheaters who "need" to cheat to find another partner so they don't have to be alone for 5 minutes. F*ckers.

if I could think of a way to quit stepparenting and still be married to DH

Hon, that is called DISENGAGING. It saved my marriage.

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Cheater,s gaslighters, liars~

banish them all to the Island of bitter Skanky  BioHo Hags and Adult Skids with their hands out for money and wailing DADDEEEEE .

Maybe as awful as it sounds  to a SM that's too good for them..

Hmmmm...beat em with sticks instead .


Cover them with honey and let loose the fire ants!

Dump them and forget them.LIke  the Who write in "Tommy."

"Let's forget you better still".

Yeah, I am weird today.LOL

Sending you *smooches"*for bringing EFF Off Friday and a place to vent and allow me to fly my weird freak flag.



Have a great weekend ,Ani!

No SD22  drama zone..






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Honey and fireants... too nice, I think.

I have more SD22 drama to write. Sigh...


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Although I had some good results from a caster oil treatment I did a couple months back.  Time for another one

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So far 2019 can kick rocks! It feels more like 2018 2.0!

Eff off to getting your credit stolen and all your cards shut down when you are getting ready to head for a girls trip to Vegas!
Eff off to mother's who tell your dying uncle he can die on her birthday so she doesn't need to celebrate anymore.
Eff off to stupid DH who keeps falling off his damn knee scooter and trying to injure himself worse.
Eff off to periods that for some reason think you should be suffering and dying all while trying to work and keep the house since DH is a baby invalid!

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Eff off to close minded stupid effing morons. There are some real effing dumb twats on this planet!!

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DH called me at 7 a.m (I was at work) he was trying to get to work a half-hour early to help on a project and a guy on a cell phone ran a stop-sign and hit DH truck...and DROVE OFF without stopping.  No clue how bad damage is but DH says one of his dual-exhaust pipes is now under his license-plate and he said the other driver's front end was a mess.  We have visitation this weekend, DH is fine but no clue if truck is drive-able or if someone is picking up SS.  He had to wait over 1.5 hours for the police to show up to file a report, have not heard anything since 10 a.m.  It seems like every time we take a small step forward with our finances something has to eff it up!!

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Eff off to my horse who managed to rip apart his brand new Baker blanket and stomp it into the mud. Sigh. He is such a d**k. 

And eff off to the mud. I am over it!

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Bad d**k!

More rain in the forecast for the midwest next week (snow here).