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BioHo banishes SS19

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I am soooo ticked. 

SS19 woke up feeling like caca. Chills, fever, headache. What does 'Ho do? Throws his coat to him and screeches, "GTFO! I don't want covid!"

Knock on our door three hours ago. It's SS standing there, pale and swaying. I helped him in and sat him in a recliner with an afghan and turned on the space heater; then woke DH. 

DH got dressed and took him to get tested. Negative to covid. But 'Ho is adamant he is not allowed back in the 'Ho House until "those f*cking cooties git gone!". 

DH just left for work and I'm about to heat up some of my homemade chicken and rice soup for our patient.

'Ho bloody well sucks. *diablo*


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What mother throws out their sick kid?  I'm willing to bet there are moms in this world who have gotten sick from nursing a sick kid but didn't regret it, especially if the kid got better.

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No idea. I'm still trying to process this. My mother nursed 5 bio kids, 2 foster kids, and Dad whenever we were sick. She had one heck of an immunity system as she was rarely ill. Even when we were adults and out of the house, she'd offer up soup or make a trip to the store for anything we needed. Two of us 'went home' to recover from major surgery. *unknw*

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Your skids will remember this. I think most of them in your case see BM for who she truly is and appreciate your involvement in their lives. 

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Even knowing everything I've read about 'Ho over the years, I am stunned.  She is selfish and evil, and I can't believe that any of her children give her the time of day.

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SD28 and SS22 are still not speaking to her since SS22's wedding 6 months ago. For SD28, this is a record!

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He was probably contagious before he had full blown symptoms so hopefully 'Ho got it anyway.  *diablo*

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Rarely do I wish that kids would turn on their parents, but 'Ho is the exception. What a poor excuse for a mother.

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Lt Dad, she's one of those who should never have had children. Instead, she was terribly fertile.

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What a vile, fetid waste of skin 'Ho is. Ignorant, too.

Absolutely the top of the scum from the bottom of the barrel.

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Make a facebook post and lets not forget these typical bio mums on their kids birthday with the yearly post "oh my baby is growing up, love you lots" with a pic of her in it minus the caption "except when i threw you out because you were sick".

i have been separated from my husband for almost 2 yrs this whole pandemic by border closures and flight caps to my country and state. I have in that time had a miscarriage alone whilst raising 2 young kids with speech delays who were repeatedly sick from school flu/virus, then i got sick, then kids got sick again.

i have lost count how many times i got sick and had to care for my sick kids whilst i was sick alone and my son being rushed in a priority 1 ambulance with low oxygen levels and trouble breathing with my husband in tears on the phone because he couldn't even get here. What I didn't do was kick my kids out of the house, even when i was so sick i was shivering and could barely get up, i did my job.

these bio mums piss me off because they're such pos people who don't deserve the title of bio mum.


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They're such fakes and think everyone is dumb enough to buy into it

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Most of the time I die laughing at your 'Ho stories can but on this one I'm beyond disgusted. If my DD was sick, I would move heaven and earth to take care of her personally. Even if she were an adult, I would still want to take care of her. Hell, I'm 39 and when I had the flu last year my own mother was trying to convince me to let her stay with me until I was better. 

'Ho is just vile. I hope she does get whatever SS has and it's 10 times worse and no one wants to help take care of her. It's no more than she deserves.

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I am also beyond disgusted. SS19 has grown into a kind, caring, helpful young man. There is nothing he wouldn't do to help a loved one. And this is how 'Ho treats her sick kid. I know he's 19, but he's still her kid!

When I was in my 20s, I ended up in ER for heat exhaustion. My parents took me home with them until I recovered. *unknw*

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mommy dearest was a saint in comparison.

SS is lucky to have you and DH.

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No wire hangers!!! 

SS is feeling a little better, but still has a fever. 

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My heart hurts for all of them, having that hosebeast. I secretly have my fingers crossed that SD28 and SS22 continue to be estranged from her.

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Beaver did this to GWR when he was about 10 I think.  He contracted the H1N1 Flu..(swine flu I think it was called)...anyway she packed him up and dumped him at our house....because SHEEEEEE DIDDDDNNN'''TTTT WANT TO GET SICCCKKKKKKKKKK.

Yep...DH...ergo stuck caring for him for a week.  But good lord she had it plastered everywhere..her BABBBBBBYYYYYY was SIIIIICCCCKKKKK.  

Beaver is also notorious for not giving the kids their prescribed anitbitics and during the flu that GWR had didn't refridgerate the it was no good by the time she dumped him on our doorstep.  Fun times y'all

I really hope there is special place in hell for these two...and some people should not breed.


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What is wrong with these...women? Despicable.

I think Hell is too good for them.