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Omg, here is another match that came through...

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The guy's name is "Daddy(his name)" Gotta love that! Dead giveaway!

This photo doesn't include kids, thank God, but he's standing in front of a fridge with kid pics all over it. Poor grammar too...did he type this profile on his phone while he was waiting for his kids or something?

"i want someone i can laugh with and have fun.easy going like myself and makes me smile.i love to help when i can and would just expect the same i would do just about any thing for any one if i can. i enjoy being outside being with and doing things with my kids and making them smile.pretty much be happy and enjoy life, its to short."

Thanks, but no thanks!


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I'd like to smack the "I'm so easy going, funny, smiley, happy, life is a box of chocolates types" Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with being happy, but why do people have to be so freaking queer about it?

This guy's little "happy, magical, life is short, love my kids" description equals two words. Disney.Dad.

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It SHOULD say "love making my kids smile but they cant be happy all the time gotta raise them to adulthood ready to take on the world,lifes too short to be saddled with spoiled emotionally stunted kids"

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I took that as "I help my ex wife and kids and you should join my cause as well..."

Do these men REALLY think this is going to attract a woman? Yikes!

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p.s. did you meet your previous BF on a match site? Just curious?

I have told my DH that if something ever happened to him, I would just stay single for the rest of my life. At my age (40) it would be pretty much impossible to find someone who didn't already have kids, I refuse to meet someone at a bar, and there are just in general, so many freaking wierdos out there right now. Thanks but no thanks.

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Daizy, yes, I did meet my exbf on Match. I don't have a profile...I tried it for a weekend and now they send me all these matches.

Yeah, Match is too depressing and there are a ton of deviants who just want to sleep with women. Not into that. Like you, I'd rather stay single than be in another bad relationship.

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What this guy's profile SHOULD say is "HELP! I am chained to this miserable bitch that I stupidly thought divorce would free me from and she and the kids run my life if I want to continue having the privilege of breathing their air. Wanna join me???"

I also will NEVER date a man with kids again. The thing that sucks is that I meet men every damned day that are professional, attractive and have no kids. But I love and am committed to FH - even though my life has literally NO resemblance to the life I thought I would have with him. Talk about perpetual self-control!!!!

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He is going to wonder, too, why he only gets "low class" women....unless he just wants to hook up. THEN he'll be getting exactly what he wants!

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Yes Echo, you'd think so. I'm right with you!

Btw, the guy is dressed in "dad" jeans and a dumpy, washed-out grey/once white sweatshirt. All that is missing is a freaking ball cap! The guy also is wearing a no-smile, sad puppy face. There should be a caption: "Someone please adopt me...and my kids!"

Oh my I sound so mean!!!

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I just want to say that this is truly an entertaining thread! I'm laughing out loud...thank goodness I work alone.

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It IS funny! Thank God I've got enough distance from it to laugh. These men are "jokes" -- hardy har har! LOL Blum 3