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touching base=sending a picture of SD?

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I have been broken up from my exbf for four months, we have had several breakups before the final one and spent most of the last year and a half apart, not even talking. So, I consider us broken up for longer than four months. Although the situation with SD, BM, and MIL drove me to end things (and exbf's handling of their drama and other personality characteristics that I eventually found unattractive)I still think he is a good person and care about him. I sent him a one line email just to say hi and see how he was doing. He asked me the same and asked how my kids were so I asked how SD was. His response? A photo of SD attached to his email playing her musical instrument in BM's house! Tell me, how clueless are these men? (Btw, SD is an only child.) I NEVER thought of sending a photo of my kids to him!

My friend said I should put that picture of SD up as a reminder of what not to do...


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It's sad...I still care about him and was hoping he'd at least get a grip so he could have someone else in his life but I suspect SD is filling the void of not having an adult partner. I know he wants to get back together...but you'd think he would be smart enough not to do something stupid like that, esp. when he knows that a huge part of why we're not together is SD and that shit like this triggers me. It just shows how these dads are so overfocused on their kids that they do not see why someone else wouldn't be just as interested in their child. Like I said, I have kids but never thought to send a photo.