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SD pretending she's me!

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Every couple of months I check up on the BM's internet antics. Now that the skids have FB and instagram and whatnot, sometimes I check their stuff too. Sometimes I come across things that are helpful in court (like the picture she posted publicly on FB of a photo hung in their home of their first family Christmas photo with his face cut out and someone else's put in its place. Creepy, obvious PAS and clear proof to my SO that she isn't over him over a decade later.) or just something that makes me lmao (like this line from her profile "I really like to be spontaneous but I also really like to plan things.").

This time I found that my SD13 is posting photos of me on her instagram!!! It seems that she is pretending that they are photos of her! I almost wouldn't care except that these photos are very personal and are not something I would share on my own social media. I don't know how she got them as I am certain these have never been shared by me either online or with her in person. I'm assuming SO gave them to her.

How do I deal with this? In general, when I bring up a situation with the skids with SO at best he'll tell me I'm overreacting and at worst he'll turn it into I'm abusive and offensive. Should I skip talking to him and report the photos and if so how? I don't have my own instagram account if that matters. I want the photos taken down immediately. Advice please?

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I think you can contact administration of the social media sites and report it and request it be removed. That might be quickest. I would still tell DH because he needs to let SD know why it is wrong. And if he thinks you're overreacting , use the 2x4! Then take pics of him sleeping with drool o the pillow and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other site you can think of and see if her doesn't change his mind rather quickly.

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What I got out of the posters comment was the suggestion that maybe the pictures are a little sexy, or like glamour shots?

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Oh my goodness no!!!

The topic is very sad for me, thats why I wasn't specific. They are photos of me with my very old, sick horse right before we put him down. They are the last photos I have of him. I would never share these photos with anyone and I certainly wouldn't post them publicly. There is nothing glamorous about them. :/

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Thank you for the replies! SO probably won't tell SD anything and even if he did, she would do whatever she wanted anyway. The skids are pretty much PAS'd out.

I'm thinking I should maybe tell him anyway to point out why I don't trust them to be in our office alone or go through my things. I had another post about a year ago where I asked him to not allow the skids to poke around in our office and he flipped out telling me that I was being offensive. If I were to carry out the drool pic idea, he would flip and when I mention that its the same thing he would probably give me the "but they're just kids" crap.

If I report the photos to instagram, will they notify her? I'm not sure she's smart enough to get another account.