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First blog post

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I'm really glad I found this website. I'm the only step mother in my group of friends (and the only one with family and kids in the group) so when I have problems or issues or just need to rant, they try their best to understand but it is difficult for them. sorry for the long entry, it is my first time blogging XD


New here/Not a Step Parent

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Hey guys. I'm new here and I'm not a Step parent. However, my wife is and she's the main reason I joined this page. She's constantly saying I don't understand how she feels, and she's right. I'm hoping that I can get some insight to what she's going through and how to handle these situations in the kindest yet most fair ways possible. It's hard being a parent to children from different women with two completely different parenting styles. And when my wife and ex can't coexist, that's even harder.


Finally a safe place

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I am so happy and relieved to find a safe place to discuss SC. 

I honestly was starting to think I was alone. I felt so guilty and bad thinking I was the only one that cringes at the thought of evening seeing my SD. The sickness in my stomach has gone away a little knowing I am not alone!

God Bless is all!!!