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Absurd Things—a walk down stephell memory lane

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I like lists. They feel refreshing to me. So here is a  start to a list of incredibly absurd, head-scratchers I’ve heard in this stephell universe at my house. Please comment with your own most absurd lines from skids or BMs. I hope this can procure a few laughs on this Saturday.

—angry fully licensed driving SS18 who never came around and who has only seen DS1 a handful of times yells through tears “I’m a part of this family too!”

—BM: warmest congrats on your new addition!


Therapist Advice: List of “I Feel When...”

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So DH and I have been seeing a therapist. We have only seen her once but both really felt she was helpful. One of the things she has said which we have both agreed is valuable advice is to leave out the details of our grievances against each other and to talk about feelings in a vulnerable “I feel — when you...”

This is hard for me because I need to follow it the most. I am the type who cusses a lot and gets stuck in details during arguments. I am not a good arguer.

So here is my list..

I feel angry when DH chooses to take SD13 for more than EOW.


The Way BM’s word things...

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 It is as though she is the CEO of divorced moms everywhere. Every sentence has too many damn adverbs. They ooze drama that is “professional sounding” in the way those scam emails that pretend to alert you to an unauthorized user logging into your Apple iTunes account are. You know what I mean, Steppers? Please comment with examples so I can laugh. Ten more years. Ten more years of this psychopath. I saw her the other day. Geez does she look like dried dog poop flakes so gracefully ironic in the wind.

DH gets weekly Emails with these phrases:

Just a friendly reminder..