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SD22 just showed up with a suitcase

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I have no problems with SD. No problems at all. I like it this way. I achieve this by having absolutely nothing to do with her! I have her number blocked and her FB blocked. I don't go anywhere she might be. I don't invite her to anything. This is the only way that I've found that keeps all the stress, drama, and gut wrenching mental pain away. If I have any interaction with her whatsoever there is a good chance it might get twisted around in some manipulative creative way that ends with me hurt and somehow looking like the bad guy.


It finally happened

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I have been a member of this board since 2010.  I read blogs most days but rarely respond or create my own blog entry.  Well, today I am stressed out and need some advice.

I have two adult SD's.  One is 23 and working part time.  The other is 21 and still in university.  They live with their mother and come over for dinner occasionally.  Overnight visitation stopped approx 5 years ago.


Adult SD tries to move in with I’m the enemy

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Seven years into our marriage, my 27 y o SD asked to move in, with her 6 and 3 y o boys. She had just been evicted (first I had known about it). She has a history of disrespect toward me, swearing, yelling, name calling...

My husband does not ever stand to her...if he tries she will threaten to withhold the grandchildren’s company from him. 

I told my husband I felt it wouldn’t be good for us or our marriage for them to move in. Arguing ensued, he finally told her she could not (but didn’t represent us as a unified front, said I was the one saying no).