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Can I opt out of a relationship with my 18yo SD???

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I’m new so I hope this isn’t too much to start with…I just think putting it all in writing might help me. I could also really use some feedback from someone that understands SKIDS dynamics. Here is as basic of history of my life with my SKIDS.  I started dating my DH over 11 years ago.  At the time we started dating his two daughters were 7 and 2 years old and I had a 4-year-old daughter (yes 3 girls lol). My ex and I have a very good relationship and co-parent easily. My daughter has a great relationship with both her dad and me.


Adult SD tries to move in with I’m the enemy

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Seven years into our marriage, my 27 y o SD asked to move in, with her 6 and 3 y o boys. She had just been evicted (first I had known about it). She has a history of disrespect toward me, swearing, yelling, name calling...

My husband does not ever stand to her...if he tries she will threaten to withhold the grandchildren’s company from him. 

I told my husband I felt it wouldn’t be good for us or our marriage for them to move in. Arguing ensued, he finally told her she could not (but didn’t represent us as a unified front, said I was the one saying no).