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Please tell me I’m not overreacting

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So every Saturday all three of our kids have chores clean room and clean bathroom equally. I walked in to check on the progress and low and behold there were boogers wiped on every surface of the bathroom. The walls, the doorknobs, the doors, the shower ect. There was food wiped on the walls, there was brown substance wiped on the door and I know exactly who the culprit is my 17 year old stepson. I'm absolutely disgusted by him, I can't even look at him right now. My husband refused to say anything so I did. My mother in law also confirmed that he used to wipe boogers on the walls at her house. I'm absolutely concerned and disgusted. So from here on out he's going to clean th bathroom on his own and will be supervised as well as his room. I don't know how much longer I can take him being here. He also destroyed the door knob from going in and out of the bathroom constantly. My husband says well you can't prove that but it's him but he's the one that's constantly  in there with the fan on. How do I keep my sanity for the next 4 months? And yes I already see a therapist because of all this.

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And why should my younger daughter feel so grossed out that she refuses to use the bathroom. I just really can't stand it anymore. His habits, his laziness, his disgusting habits. And I don't have the energy to stand behind him to make sure he's not wiping boogers all over.

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His failure to launch man child will never leave. Your DH needs to have some tough love on his adult child.

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He's out of here in April, he hates it here. I think he does it on purpose. I'm not sure how much more I can take but boogers being wiped everywhere is where I draw the line. He's too old for this crap.

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Tell your husband to stop the crap - if he thinks that his little prince wouldn't be a disgusting pig then let him clean the bathrooms and see if he feels the same way after cleaning up hi son's disgusting mess. Rub the bugger's nose in it.. 

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I did today, I told him I'm done and this unacceptable behavior. I said my stepson is going to clean the bathroom solo with supervision like he's a baby because he cannot be trusted. 

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I'm not a drama starting person but I think I'd have to take pics of this and at least share with family and friends of his disgusting behaviors. I'd make sure he saw me taking photos and if he says anything, I'd be blunt; showing my friends and family what  I have to deal with because of you.

Actually, being the clean freak I am, he'd be out of my house and he could take his enabling dad with him. This is beyond disgusting. It's unsanitary and your 17 year old SS is one f'd up individual. 

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Actually I did take pictures lol and I did send them to my family and that's when my mother in law told me he wipes boogers all over her bathroom. Trust me I've wanted him out of here long ago, in fact I never wanted him here but mommy couldn't handle him so he came here. I like my home tidy and clean as well. I don't expect perfection but yes this is absolutely disgusting and unsanitary. I want to rip my hair out of my head at this point and his siblings are disgusted too.

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That is disguisting.  Who has that many boogers in their nose in the first place but he's 17!!  I would be livid too.  You're not overreacting.  And he's treating his grandmother like crap and DH seems fine with it.  Who wouldn't want to address that?  I would've said something too.  

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He wipes boogers all over every time he goes to the bathroom and he spends a lot of time in there doing god knows what on top of the booger thing.

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So sad you have to go through this. I have disgusting Sk too but this kid takes it to a new level. You're family deserves to be comfortable. You should not feel like you're walking on eggshells In your own home. Dad needs to step up and warn his son. If he refuses to change he should not be allowed back. You are not overreacting at all.

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He's out of here in April and I told my husband he will not be allowed back. I don't think he will come back he hates it here and I feel like the booger thing is out of spite but regardless it's disgusting and I want nothing to do with him after that. I've tried to be civil with him and have chats but he listens to nothing and then does this stuff. It's torture everyday in my home.

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There something definitely wrong with SS.  He needs to see someone,  ASAP.  You are right he is never going to be on his own. 

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He was seeing a therapist but didn't like him because he told him things he didn't want to hear so he refused to go back.He thinks he knows it all.

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Inform DH that  his booger kid shit wiping nasty spawn is gone. Now, or DH is gone and can take his spawn with him. One or both DH's choice.