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Cleaned up my last wall booger!

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I seriously just want to celebrate!  I am confident I have cleaned up the last wall booger in my home.  SD18 moved out almost a year ago (don’t judge; I don’t clean the walls in the basement very often) and she had a terrible habit of flinging disgusting boogers onto the walls and floors of our home.  When we cleaned out her room after she left it was a booger den…so gross I made DH clean it up. 

Yippee!  I cleaned up my last booger and it feels so good!  Its like the final cleansing of the bad juju SD18 has left.  I saged the house today as well and I just feel renewed!  It’s literally a clean start!

It’s a small victory but I wanted to share something good (albeit kind of gross)!


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I find boogers really upsetting, I'm so glad you rid your house of SD and her disgusting behavior.  I'm gagging a little thinking about it. 

Clean starts are great!  Maybe buy yourself some nice new candles too.  Or make a circle of salt around the house to keep her out.  

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That is awful!  Thankfully we have found no poop!

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I am blown away that she threw boogers all over the place. Good for you for making DH clean it up.

The worst I had to clean out when SS PAS'd out was Peppermint Bark wrappers he'd shoved down between his bed and the wall. Some of these kids are truly just feral.

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I have a serious aversion to boogers. Going into your basement would have sent me into a full-blown panic attack!

I don't understand some people's aversion to using a tissue...

Just reading your blog about boogers "flung on the walls" and the "booger den" has induced full fledged nausea, tightened muscles, and tunnel vision for me...   blech

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Wtf?!?! This was an 18 year old girl?!?! My SS had a booger collection on the wall near his bed when he was 6 or 7. When I found it I was furious. DH made him pick every booger off and disinfect the area. Never had that problem again...

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The first time I found them in her room she (when she was 14 ugh) I was furious dragged DH up to show him.  He confronted SD and she said it wasn't her...what!  Who was it then booger demon, booger ghost.  DH never confronted her again and just cleaned up boogers as I found them, mostly in her room but lots of other places too.  We talked about it in counselling with BM present and BM said SD never did this at her house, younger SD said this was a lie. I guess both of her parents are delusional.

SD is really the most unhygienic person I've ever met.  One time the dentist had a really emparassing conversation with me and her about how bad her breath was.  She was 16 and he said it was all due to not brushing for days at a time.  He said he had never seen (or smelled) anything like it, ugh!