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Can I hurt the Brat?

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DH is away on business until Friday afternoon. I'm stuck with the brat (SS16).
Yesterday he "needed" some of that neon colored hair dye spray, so we stopped in Wal-mart to get.
I am sitting her drinking my coffee, getting ready for that dreaded 1 hour waste of my time drive to that school he "has" to go to. My puppy comes running around the corner with neon green polka dots on her!!! F'ing tard boy comes out laughing that he had to test out the can!!!!
Can I hurt this kid????? Really bad???? Should I search his room for money and take my dog to the groomer on his dime???
I don't like this kid on a good day.

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My boys would totally do that same thing!

Is it that washable hair spray stuff? Just make him give the puppy a bath.

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He already knows or senses you do not like him and wants to cause more dissension. The dots on the dog may irritate you because of how you feel about him. Breathe deep! It is not the end of the world. Laugh about it. It is just a dye that will wash out. Life's lessons and experience tells me you should joke about it and say wouldn't that make a great Halloween costume for the dog and move on.

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I asked my friend to watch my dog one time when I went on a trip. Stupid me, didn't bother to think that he lived in a party house. My dog was a Spitz (American Eskimo) so was very poofy.

Anyway, I came back from my trip and they had decided to shave a mohawk in my dog while my friend was at work.

Needless to say, I was NOT amused. It took over a year for the hair to grow back the way it was.

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Normally I might laugh but this pup I co-own with someone else. I am not amused at this at all...We are entered in a dog show this weekend. If this green shit doesn't wash out....I cannot take the pup into the show ring. Can I hurt the kid then?

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I think the kid should pay for (or reimburse over time) a professional grooming (if the pup is, say, a sheltie, or a poodle), or at a minimum, bath the dog, PROPERLY, for you (if the pup is a Dobe or a Labrador, for example.)
If the green doesn't wash out, he ALSO owes you for show entry fees, plus whatever other losses (do you still have to pay the handler? Will you have to travel further for another show with a major?) you actually incur.

That's all only fair and reasonable.

(I'd kill him, too.)

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I am going to try to be the handler, I have done other dog sports just never this.....arghhhhh. The breeder has been trying to get me to do breed for seems rather boring to me.

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Take SS to the groomer with you. Have him (under the watchful eye of the groomer) give the dog a bath...and keep bathing until the color is out.

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That is a whole other story. Try Dawn dish soap. You could also look up a number for customer service and see what they may recommend to get the color out. Darn I wish I could give my blessing on the hurting the kid thing. Sounds good though.

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I agree that this kid is old enough to sense your irritation with him and he’s just pushing the right buttons… as hard as it may be, the best thing to do is follow the others advice and try to not to let it show how bad it got to you. Go in your bedroom and strangle a pillow for a few minutes then come out and ruffle the boys hair good naturedly and say… “Very funny… now wash the dog.”

When we were weighing the options of getting a pet DH and I sat the boys down and explained to them that we’d be getting a tiny little animal who was very delicate and that they’d always have to very very careful with or we’d have to get rid of it. Now that he’s in our house and I’m full blown in love with my kitty boy, that threat has been bumped up to “anything I catch you doing to the cat will be repeated on you times ten.” That seems to work best… *winks*

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I can't even trust the kid to wash the pup, he doesn't bathe properly himself.

Kids and animals are a tough call. I have two friends that breed refuses to sell to any one with kids. She swears kids kill dogs. Like me, she is childless by choice and has no great love for these two-legged snot nosed creatures. My other friends prefers to place pups in families with children. My dogs were much better off not being in a house with kids. I want to kick this kick righ in the butt....I can't tell you how many times I have told this 16yo idiot NOT to lay on the dog's back, sit on them like they are horses, pull their tails or ears.

MY DH will say something stupid like he is a kid....he is 16 freaking years old not 3! I really am getting to the point I can't stand it.I don't know how much more I can take of this kid, he is a spiteful, nasty, lazy little monster that is ruining my life.

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"She swears kids kill dogs. Like me, she is childless by choice and has no great love for these two-legged snot nosed creatures."

Does she know that she is insane? Seriously. If she truly believes that "kids kill dogs" perhaps she should spend a little more time with people and less less time with her dogs. There are way more stories about adults abusing and killing dogs than about kids harming pets. Would any sane person say "adults kill dogs".? Some adults might hurt a dog. Some kids might. Most kids love animals. And most animals love kids.

I agree with your DH. He's a kid. I can understand being annoyed. But your reaction seems very over the top.

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No she is NOT insane...she sold a pup to a family with a 10 yo GIRL. The little darling threw the 8 week old puppy out the 3rd story window. Before she stopped selling to familues with children she had another puppy came back to her at 12 weeks, it was limping and whining. The family said the pup was defective, she took the pup back and had it vetted righted away . It's hip was shattered. She called the mother, the 8 year old boy admitted to dragging the puppy over a jump while bicycle riding.

Every one has reasons for what they believe. You believe that most kids love animals that is YOUR right. But don't jump to conclusions and chastise those that don't share your beliefs. I have done charity work for years with my dogs and kids and I lost count at how many times by dogs were punched, kicked, hit, ears pulled, eyes poked by a child that "loves" animals.

Over reacting...this is a 4k show dog!!! Wouldn't you be a bit upset if your little darling spray painted on something you paid 4K....never ,ind it being your pet?

I wonder if your kids act like my SS....only a kids only goes so far.

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He's 16 years old and laying on your expensiveshow dogs back? If your dh does not see this or believe you, take pictures for proof.

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I agree with others that at this age he knows you dont like him I am sure and is just trying to do things to irritate you to amuse himself.

I don't think you are over reacting. It's not just this one single isolated incident that he's being rude and immature to deliberately annoy you, it's a mountain of incidents over time right? That sh%t builds up over time...And DH giving you the same reason over and over and over that "he's just a kid" and brushing off any punishment or responsibility for his actions just makes the situation even more irritating right?

Yeah, this kid is 16, not a toddler. He knows exactly what he's doing and knows that "daddy" won't do a damn thing when he acts up. I would make this kid pay for professional grooming from HIS own money.

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You are right it is a mountain at this point and the child knows he can do whatever he pleases because he is "just a kid". He is almost 17...that isn't going to work much longer. I swear after he turns 18 (which I don't think that is a magical age that turns everyone into an adult), I think he dad will be saying, "oh don't worry about it, he is just an idiot."

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You can kick in the butt for me any will be doing me a favor.

I can't take much more of this crap....he pulled a cute one over the weekend its just getting worse and worse. DH is away (AGAIN) on business. This morning that dread drive was 1 1/4 hours because of construction....the damn road is brand new!! I am taking 3 8 week , 300-400 level classes.....then I have to with this little shit?

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No i dont think you are making a big deal of it. I would drive myself to walmart get some more nice paint-wait til ss is gone and then proceed to polka dot everything of value to him. When he comes home and sees it-of course you should laugh hysterically. This is a 16 year old and I am assuming he certainly knows this is a show dog who is special to you and he is being an ass. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. It has nothing to do with him knowing you don't like him-that almost implies that it is somehow your fault.

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I was getting the feeling this was MY fault....thank you for pointing that out.

I did unplug his computer....he'll freak out.

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UPDATE...puppy is washed, it looks like it all came out....I am just waiting to see what happenes when its 100% dry.

ARGHHHHHHHHHH.......I never wanted or liked kids.

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glad to hear it came out. your ss sounds like my ss17. no clue at all that his thoughtless actions would upset other people.

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Blender....if the dog pee'ed in his bed it would be an improvement. I got him a brand new bed a year ago.....he got pissed pissed that I got him a bed instead of giving him the money to go buy game. I should have returned it. All his bedding i new...I make him wash it twice a week and the bed still stinks like IDK what.....road kill in 95 degree temps smells better than his bedroom.

He took the paint to will be a shame if he gets punched in the face over it. The Therapist thinks the day is coming....he does really clueless things to the people around him.

I have had it for the day.....I am going to treat myself to a mani and pedi!


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We are goinh Tuesday....I don't know where yet.

Dh is still doing the sad puppy thing because SS is STAYING home!

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I have identical 16 yr old step-twins. The one skid sounds a lot like your ss. I washed his sheets and put on a new comforter. I had to move the bed in order to make it. When he came over last night, ( I hadn't seen him in two weeks) I walked into his room to say hello and the response I got was- "why did you move my bed?" Not hello, "how are you", "thanks for the new comforter", "my room looks nice".... nothing... It is SO disappointing to be a step-mom to this kid. All he does is play video games and think of himself. I don't know why I even try to be nice, he doesn't care and does not have ANY empathy. It is like he was born without the "caring bone". There are many days I either get out a glass of wine or go and get a mani/pedi too!!! Hang in there girl!

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You have rights to any source of income he has to make your problem right.

There must be consequences.

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Sounds like a great opportunity to volunteer at an animal shelter. But you probably can't make him do that since it sounds like DH defends his behavior. I agree with an earlier answer that pointed out that animals don't have the same chemical resistance as humans. I protect my little Yorkie as if he really were my baby!! He's been my companion for a loooongg time!

I also agree with someone else's post that said he does things because he knows he irritates you simply by breathing!!!

Take care of your dog and see if you can get compensated by him if you lose money. AND bar him from getting any dumb-assed teenage crap he doesn't have to have.

Of course, none of the recourse suggested will work without DH's support!

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I say put a little nair in his shampoo and when he is bald just laugh and say "Hahahaha - I just wanted to see what would happen" Also find one of your largest friends and have that person sit on him and ask him how it feels.

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As a dog person who is involved in several dog sports.... I would make that little sh*t go to the show so he can see just how much hard work goes in to raising a Champion. Glad to hear that it all washed out though. Not a fun time near show day! Frazzled nerves du jour! lol. Smile

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This is my first breed dog....this sucks. Midweek before I showed the very first time (Obedience) my dog started to limp. I was sooooo upset that there was something horribly worng with him. My trainer's dog had bone cancer at the time.

This could havce been much worse because the little turd did it to the dog.

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This is cruelty to animals and most likely against the law - he definitely needs a consequence for this!

Even the idea of anyone doing this, teen or not, makes me sick!

Animals are too easy of a target, and it is cowardly and cruel to hurt them. I agree with kicking his *ss!!

Or at least taking away the car, or any support you give, away until he shows you somehow he is sorry and will not do it again.

I think you should take photos and call the cops on him!! so sorry dear

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Don't know what your breed is but, Pano always seems to rear it's ugly head around show time, lol. Don't go borrowing trouble. Show day is hectic enough, lol. Good luck and let us know what happens.

ps... I would still make the little sh*t go with you on show day so he can see how much work goes in to attaining that ribbon.... Ch. OB, etc.