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his ex and his kids are a piece of work

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Last week Friday, his younger D tells his ex she had an evening meeting at school the upcoming Wednesday. (Today) 

She in turn asks my H to pick her up from her house and take her to this meeting, saying she was working.

So here we are today. Turns out the ex doesn’t want to take her kid to this meeting as, ‘you know how hard it is to get everyone together to play BUNCO.’ WTF?!? You’re not going to your daughter’s meeting because you need to sit on your fat ass, get drunk and play BUNCO?!? Her live in boyfriend of over a year and a half can’t be bothered either.

Then on top of it all, the D lied. She said it was a meeting just for students, no parents. I was like, ‘sorry but my mom lie meter is off the charts right now’... It was an honor society induction meeting.  I was right.

So I made my ex call her out on it. Then she had the balls to ask her dad to buy her Chick fil A right after being caught in a lie!!! Of course, he said no. 

When I tell him that his ex and him need to start coming down on these girls with some discipline to break the cycles of lying and disrespectful, pisshead attitudes.

I know I cant help their Mom doesn’t give a shit. I’m just disgusted with her absolute bullshit & him falling for it.

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Do you really care if she doesn't want you or her father at her honor society induction?  At least she wasn't lying about you this time.  If you're going to stay in your marriage, you need to just disengage from his kids  Ignore them and don't do anything for them.  And when they lie about you, tell your husband you're sick of being bullied by his children and you will NOT under any circumstances apologize for something you didn't do.

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They’re both lazy parents... anything to shut the two up. This little piece of work also think she’s going to make the design decisions on our remodel when she’s only here every other weekend. (I have a design degree and I help pay for the mortgage)

this litttle jerk is having a pissing contest with me and I’m ready to just call her ass out. She is a CHILD in this family and does not have rank. She’s acting like a mean girl, getting her sister riled up and leaving her messes wherever she goes, thinking she deserves high ticket items and I’m praying that the last years we have to put up with her on a regular basis will go extremely quickly. I’m completely sick of her crap.

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Example... she took her dad outside yesterday and told him she was angry because I made her eat at the table and 2. I told her to leave the cell phone off. Nobody else had their phone at the table... and she kept looking at her. Spare the rod spoil the child... she was probably never probably disciplined as in spanked.