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I can’t stop he tired or not tired?

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So, HCBM emailed DH saying she switched SS's therapy to during the day when he has a break from school. (They are virtual) because and I quote: "so he will be less tired after school" 

So, DH said okay that's fine and then said "I hope he's not too tired for baseball practice then" 

She got SO MAD (she's obsessed with sports and her kids being star athletes (which they are NOT) The kids are nothing but trophy children to her to make her look like mother of the year. Ha! But anyway...

she then emailed back saying "I never says he's tired after school just switching so he will be LESS tired after school. 

Am I not getting this? She said she switching so he's less tired because therapy after school was making him tired so switched but she's not switching because he's tired, she's switching so he will be less tired because he's tired but he's not tired. 

Oooookay. Some days it's good to be able to laugh. 

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Exactly. Maybe I'm not understanding but if someone says we are switching an appointment to a different time so he's less tired after school that is insinuating that he is in fact tired after school correct? LOL!! That was a good laugh. 

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Well played by your DH.

Game..... Set..... and Match!

BM fortunately has not learned that when you shove your head up your own ass.... it is time to shut your mouth.

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Oh she will never learn. She truly believes that she's so smart and clever that nobody will catch on. LOL!!!! It's quite amusing sometimes. 

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Dontcha know that talking about how awful your dad is in therapy is way more exhausting than baseball? BM here would have launched a 10 paragraph manifesto about how therapy was tiring him out because he had to address all of his fear of DH's abuse blah blah blah. 

Though once she said "casting dispersions" instead of "aspersions", and DH used it correctly in his return email - she lost her mind. It was fun. But ignoring is more fun. 

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My guess is that therapy is interfering with that sweet, sweet supply she gets from baseball.

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Yep. Exactly. We really can't tell if he even likes it. Oldest SS definitely doesn't. He never talks about sports, watches sports, reads about sports, nothing. Literally nothing!!! He has LOTS of interests he enjoys but has literally never brought up sports. She insists he's obsessed with sports like she is. We are just like...... WHAT??? He has never ever talked about sports at our house. Dad was a college athlete too so if he did actually like sports, you would think he would want to talk to dad about it right?? She is over the top obsessed with them doing sports. It's soooooo weird. 

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Thankfully BM here was not interested in spending money on SS. He never did anything outside of school sports.