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Wonder what's going to happen Thanksgiving! Guess if SD and family don't show, it's all my fault again.

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no one is talking, so guess it will just be husband and my 2 adult kids. Adult kids (so funny). Yes, we can say things about our own kids also. Glad I found this web site before the holidays. When my kids say what happened, I will say SD lied and they will also blame it on me because the father has never stuck up for me. What to do in this situation. Just fix dinner I guess, he's never going to admit it.

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We're going to beat them to the punch and not be here! We're going to run away and go camping, just the two of us and dogs. It's going to be sheer bliss Smile

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We're not even going to tell them we're leaving this time. We went away two years ago, and skids were over hear partying it up while they were supposed to be with BM.