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33 yr old sd manipulates my kids stll at their age?

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I know a 1/2 sister is better than no sister, been here before on forum. Married 23 yrs. have 2 almost adult children 20 and 22. SD uses my kids against me, when they get mad at me they know they have a allie with her. She still talks bad about me to eveybody all our families and my kids have heard this all their life. I am soooo sick of it. I just say to myself, I know whats right is right, and if I doesn't sound right it's wrong. Really hard to stick to what you believe when so many people at times are against you. I have to stand strong, believe what I believe and hope the truth will come out someday. Want to talk to my daughter 22 about this but she is close to sd 33, and has a lot of influence on my daughter so I don't think it will make any differene.

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You could try to talk to your daughter, even if it doesn't make any difference at least you'll have made the effort.

What is SD's problem with you anyway? Why is she doing this?

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it started when I came into the picture, 24 yrs ago. BM was a nite mare to deal with and she relayed all neg. energy on me. So it's been off again on again with her, as long as she gets what she wants and no one says no to her. My husband has a real big family and she has diffently passed a lot of bad blood there also. You would think after all these yrs. it would be over. But it's never over. Step mothers are always a bitch no matter how long you been around. My husband has had a lot to do with it also by not sticking up for me and not disciplining her from the begining. Still doesn't stick up for me in front of her.