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Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Thanksgiving!

I haven't posted since there isn't much to tell.  My house is finally a relaxing and happy place to be with DH and SS22 who happens to be a great "roomie".

SS18 and I are cordial to each other. I will talk to him if he asks me a question and DH is in the room, but if not, I do not engage.  I keep my mouth zipped if DH is talking about him and it makes him happy.  It hurts him that SS18 will not apologize and never will, but is just sweeping what he did under the rug and he knows that I am a german woman that can hold a grudge forever LOL

Thanksgiving will just be DH, myself and my mother.  No sense in cooking a huge meal so chinese take out it is!

And not to brag, but in a few hours DH and I are on vacation for 2 weeks!  No zoom meetings!!!  Sorry Aniki :( 

The best plan is we have no plan.  Due to Covid we cannot travel like we normally do, so it will be Christmas tree hunting and online shopping.  Just jammies, netflix and plenty of adult bevvies!

Stay safe everybody! xo


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Happy Thanksgiving, classy! *kiss2*

Ours will be Thanksgiving for two. I stared at DH when he said he wanted 2 kinds of pie. Dude, I'm cooking my very first turkey and the entire meal will be from scratch. Be thankful that pumpkin pie is not from the freezer section in the grocery store!

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Good luck on your first turkey, I'm sure it will be amazing.

We have been frying our turkeys the last few years.  No getting up at 4 am for this gal!  


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I bought a 9.5 lb bird and will spend time this weekend surfing the 'net for tips. Maybe Ina Garten...

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Her dressing recipe.  I add up to two tsp of Bell's poultry seasoning, use breakfast sage patties instead of italian sausage, use half ritz crackers and half sourdough bread crumbs and increase stock to 1.5 cups

We fry our turkey and i roast off turkey wings in advance to make gravy.

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Happy Thanksgiving classy!  Hope you have a great vacation.

Aniki - brine that turkey and it will be more forgiving of mistakes.  DH is making a turkey breast and I am making the sides I want to eat this year - spicy collard greens, spicy cornbread stuffing, mashed potatoes/gravy, rolls, and sweet potato pie (local bakery).   Also lots of wine and relaxing. 

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Gimmy, I've never brined anything in my life. ~googles how to brine a turkey and how to avoid getting up at 4am on Thanksgiving~

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Don't know why that made me think of the time one of my mother's colleagues asked her if she'd ever cured her own ham. Mum glanced across at dad and said "of what?"

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Instead of brining, one year I made a butter/herb/bacon concotion and stuffed it under the skin.  AMAZING.

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Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to you and DH, sounds like the perfect meal and two weeks of freedom sounds amazing. Enjoy your vacation.

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I love Thanksgiving for two - BM didn't want Xmas but Thanksgiving so DH gets Xmas every year and we have Thanksgiving free.  We usually travel, but that's not an option this year.  If we don't travel we do a gourmet meal for ourselves. Our menu this year will be Spanish roasted chicken (locally raised, organic chicken from a local farmer), polenta and greens. For dessert home-made espresso ice cream and almond biscotti (can make dessert the day before). Dinner served with a lucious NW red wine and dessert with champagne.  Well, the champs may be the appetizer too, but whatever.  Smile


Happy holiday and whatever you do enjoy!

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It is my favorite holiday of the year and I am happy it will be SD free.  She is going to her Aunt's and we will be leaving for Napa tomorrow and stay through Thanksgiving.

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As much as I will miss seeing my family - it's been a year since I've seen my parents - I am looking forward to disconnecting.  As a non-poultry eater, I'm thinking it's time for a lobster tail meal!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!  Stay safe!

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We have a large flock of turkeys that call our neighborhood home. One of the males was somehow injured and lost a leg. He survived, was named Truman, and splits time hopping between four different properties. Since he's become our local mascot, I don't think any of us plan to serve Turkey for Thanksgiving this year. lol

Instead, DH has opted for ham with a yummy glaze. It's also his birthday, so I'm going with his choices. I'm making mashed potatoes & gravy, my bomb Creole green beans, stuffing, and Southern style corn. There will be those store bought sweet Hawaiian rolls (mmm with ham), and berry tarts for dessert. Some dark chocolate. And prosecco, lots of prosecco. Just us and our neighbor friend, all in pajamas.

I wish all of you a peaceful and enjoyable holiday.


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In the bad ole days when we had all 5 kids here 24/7, the only day of the year when they were all gone at the same time was Thanksgiving.  I looked so forward to it.  We would stay In bed til about noon then go out someplace, it didnt really matter where.  Even nowadays, my best Thanksgivings are just the 2 of us.  We might have pizza from Aldis.  Lol..

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It will be Thanksgiving for two here as well.  Just the basics.  Dh will make the turkey cause I won't touch it!!

I'll make a pumpkin pie.  Throw in a couple sides and we're done!

It should be the most relaxing Thanksgiving ever!!!

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Happy thanksgiving all you steppers in the USA.  Hope you all have a stress free holiday.