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Forensic Assessment

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My Boyfriend is currently going to court for full custody of his daughter. When he went the first time it was ordered by the court that CP worker visit our home and the child's home. The CP worker would then report to the court.
When my boyfriend returned to the court he asked the referee in charge of the case to allow overnight stays for the child since the CP worker had already visited the home. The referee granted the request.
The referee informed the BM and my Boyfriend that a forensic assessment had to be done of both of them and the adults living in their household for determination of the best interest child.
My question is we all reside in NYS but, what is a forensic assessment? If anyone can assist me with this because, the information I have found online doesn't really help me at all to have a better understanding of what is a forensic assessment?
Thank you

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I googled Forensic Assessment and found that it is the Psychological Testing portion of a Parenting Evaluation:

Forensic psychology represents the intersection between law and psychology. Psychologists are often called upon to render expert opinions needed for legal determinations. Psychological testing provides a level of objectivity and accuracy needed for fair legal decisions.

Child Custody: When a married couple with children divorces, custody arrangements and determinations must be made. Often the couple is able to work out an agreement themselves. Sometimes they are able to do so with the additional help of mediation. However, when the couple is unable to agree, an expert, usually a psychologist, is called in to thoroughly evaluate the situation and to make recommendations to the court about custody. This evaluation looks at the capabilities of the parents and the needs of the children, and an arrangement is recommended which, ideally, makes the best use of each parent's strengths. Psychological testing improves the objectivity of these evaluations, helps to look beyond the deception which often occurs in adversarial cases, and helps to elicit the children's knowledge about which parent can best serve their needs without directly asking them to choose between parents.

Hope that helps!

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