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alimony and proof of cohabitation??

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Dh's ex decided to push forward with enforcement of alimony.
My DH has paid this since 2002, BM has boyfriend.. husband??
DH stopped paying in 2006 due to cohabitation.
Per kids they are there 4 out of 7 days., have their own rooms at his house.
Has anyone had experience with prooving cohabitation?

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But it cost him.
He had to hire a PI to follow BMs new guy around. Then did the 'digging' into new guy's personal records (don't know how he got the info) to prove he was now leasing his old apartment to someone else while living with BM.

Then PI recorded new guy's truck parked at BMs house at 4 am for several nights in a row to prove it was not just "an occasional sleepover" as BM countered.

And on nights that PI could not do it, DH actually got out of bed and drove over to BMs house with video recorder in hand to do the same! He had the radio on to a news station to record the time & date each night.

Finally, when BM balked, he sent a letter to her lawyer stating he was ready to depose:
BM/ New guy / New guy's boss/ New guy's ex/ New guy's daughter/ New guy's parents/ BM's parent's/ BM's friends
all regarding their knowledge (under oath) about the living arrangements of BM & new guy.

After that letter, she caved and alimony was terminated. Turns out, he didn't even need PI's video evidence!

Good luck.

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We did think about checking the cars, but we were
going to take a picture of her car never at her house.
Do you think that would be just as strong?
BM's boyfriend lives about an hour away. We may have to look into
a PI. I didn't even think about having the radio on for proof of time.
Great idea! Thanks

Sandi ♥

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Might be the wisest investment you ever make!
It might be good to talk to someone just to see what they think is needed for proof. This is what they do all the time. You'd be surprised at the tricks they have up their sleeves to catch these people!

Good luck!

"If you have never been hated by a child, you have never been a parent."
-Bette Davis