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What do you think about this?

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Two weeks ago I was in a wreck and totaled my car. It was very old and I'm only getting $2000 for it.

Dh told me he doesn't think its a good idea to get me a car right now, because he has a car payment and that we need to think about the fact that SD13 will "need" a car when she is 16 and that'll be another car payment.

Mind you, I work 2 jobs. Right now I'm having to rely on my husband taking me to my first job, and bumming rides off others to get other job and to other places.

Am I completely out of line for being pissed? Sd13 doesn't even shower right half the time, goes to school with stringy hair and unbrushed teeth...but he really thinks she will be mature enough to have her own car the moment she turns 16? And that she, one without any responsibilities, needs a car over his WIFE...who works 2 jobs and has no car?!

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Ummm...whats stopping SD13 getting a job when shes old enough to work to earn her own car? Of course if shes told in advance that daddeeee will be paying for one for her..why would she bother saving for her own?

"Dh told me he doesn't think its a good idea to get me a car right now" ....does DH make all the financial decisions? WTF!

And it was YOUR car that was totaled? And the pay out was to YOU? Why are you caring what DH says anyway? Collect your cheque and buy yourself another one!!! You dont NEED DH's approval!

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Get yourself a car. Not getting one because of what a 13 year old will WANT in a few years (not need) is absolutely ridiculous and I would tell your DH that.

Another car payment? When SD wants a car, she can get a job and save and buy an older, used car with cash. No way would I be making car payments for a 16 year old to drive.

Also, why do "we" need to think about SD's car situation?

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Uhm, he wants you to work 2 jobs, with no car, for how long?? Go get a car. It's not your responsibility to make sure there is money in the household for SD to have a car in 3 years. I'd seriously consider separating finances, or at the least setting up a separate account so he doesn't have access to all your income.

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Silly man. And you let him get all that out of his mouth before you shut him down?

Go look at cars. Find one you like and can easily finance yourself. I'm assuming you have your own line of credit which is something I believe all wives should establish and have. Buy your car. I wouldn't entertain thoughts of his opinion... not while his ass in driving around in his own vehicle and not being inconvenienced. Thanks for the opinion, but no thanks, I'm getting my own vehicle.

In three years, don't you even think about if Juniorette has finances for a vehicle. That's between SD and her two parents to figure it.

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How about He get a 2nd job to provide his child in 3 years time, and you get yourself a car now to make your life easier. Oh and your new car will be for you use only.

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Really? :jawdrop: :? Your DH is an idiot. Buy yourself some reliable transportation. Since you and DH are married, he can be liable for note right along with you.

The Skid can buy her own car when she turns 16 if she wants one bad enough.

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U need to straighten him out QUICKLY. If money is that tight skid will NOT be getting a car. Your dh can work 2 jobs to make sure his wife has a car and keep working 2 jobs if he wants his sweetums to have one