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Thank you everybody!

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Honestly just wanted to give a shout out to all of the wonderful people on this site, it is nice to see others going through similar situations and KNOW you aren't alone or going crazy! There's so many helpful things I have read on here, so many things that have made me laugh, cheer, raise a glass, etc. Smile All advice is so appreciated
You guys/gals are awesome!

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Crazy in our selves is the spice of life. Crazy in others is toxic. I follow that double standard religiously. And enjoy it. }:) Dirol

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I agree, I just found this site too, and I'm feeling thankful as well. There are no support groups in my area and even if there were, if you have kids and a full time job, when on earth can you go to a support group?

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I read here every day and have benefited from you here on this site, more than I can ever express.