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SS now in Public School

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After a long, uphill battle, SS is in public school. BM and DH have been fighting over this for the past 2 years. SS is getting older, (soon to be 13) and wants to be in a public school. The private one was not challenging enough for him and not a lot of students his age. In this area, most that start at this private school, usually only stay until 5th or 6th grade.
SS has been in some behavioral trouble and his grades have been slipping.

BM has stated that "over her dead body" would he be in public school. So SS hatched a plan to get expelled, (we only found out about the plan after the fact). DH has always encouraged him to excel no matter where he is. So, SS got in a fight on the playground and was told, leave on your own or get expelled. BM blames DH for setting this up. Whatever.

DH picks up SS after his first day yesterday. He loves it! Lots of kids his age, loves the teacher, loves the hours!
So, DH gets home and emails BM that SS loves the school and is very happy. Her response is that she prays (LOL) everyday that SS does not turn into DH and does drugs and beats women! What a bitch!

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He likes it so much, kept telling middle SD about it, she says to DH "why do I have to stay at this (private) school?

HAHA, I'm sure that will spin her out when they get home today

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BM is just a selfish, self absorbed bitch!!! She should of been happy that her son was happy. Instead all she could do (after your husband was nice enough to email and let her know) was insult him!!!