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SO done!!!!

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SO dropped the custody fight.  He agreed to every weekend with SS.  Apparently BM quit her full time job at the Gap to work part time at Target because she is "a single mom"

SO's CS went up a little, but he doesn't care.  He's glad it is all over.  SO told me BM looked "haggard" is not coloring her hair anymore, and has gained like 50 pounds.  Hey said he never saw her so big.  It's crazy that SS called him far and ugly.  Whatever, we are glad it's over and he gets to see SS on the weekend.

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My state holds each parent to a full time even though you may only be working part time they take your hourly pay and multiply it by 40 hours. 

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Some people like their step kids.... i don't... I tried my hardest.... but I would be so sick to my stomach if I had to put up with sd every weekend... but some people do view that as a win...

Maybe they like their skid... or maybe they feel like they won against BM? 

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every weekend....yikes!  i suppose its better than fulltime everyday.  the thought of every weekend gives me the heebie jeebies

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He most likely will not get more then EOWE  He should be going for summer time hopefully like a month and half the big holidays when school is out.

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If I were you, I would inform DH that the kid will only invade EOWE and BM can figure out his care otherwise.

Why should you sacrifice every weekendf or BM?

I wouldn't.


As the NCP, DH does not have to take any of his COd visitation. As the CP, BM has to care for the kid when the kid is not with the NCP.  Make sure that you are getting your money's worth out of BM for every cent paid to her in CS out of your marital income. Including not taking the Skid any time you don't feel like having him.  You (& DH) pay BM for childcare.  Make sure you get that care whenever you want a WE sans Skid.  


All BM can do is go back to court for a CS revision though in most jurisdictions a CS CO is not ammendable for 2yrs after a new order unless there is a significant change of circumstance.  DH refusing EOWE of visitation likely does not qualify as a major change of circumstance. 

And if BM tries to fight it, use her tactics to drag it out just as she has.

I would.