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BM likes to be a frequent guest at our "sleazy bar" and her secret is out...

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BM put her elderly aunt in hospice and she told SS to NOT tell him (BF always liked her aunt and was concerned that SS said her health had deteriorated and was now in hospice).  I didn't care so didn't really think much about it.  

AS I stated before, BM lives in a rich suburb but continues to drive 45 minutes away to my city to shop, food shop, ect. 

BF and I have a favorite restaurant near the hospital that I work at. 

The other day, some guy posted a photo of her and him slugging down margaritas on the restaurant’s social media page (I follow their page and was shocked to see her on it) and tagged BM, I guess he and BM drink there a lot (We have never seen her there thank goodness).  It’s kind of a dive and BM said in the past to BF that she would never step foot in that “sleazy bar.”

The guy looked familiar, so thanks to social media, I found that he works at a hospice center near the hospital, and once again thanks to social media, I found that BM’s aunt is there. 

For goodness sake why can’t she stay in her rich suburb!!! (If you remember in another post SS told BF she is drunk all the time…the custody battle is over and he brought it up in court no one cared).

Funny how things come to you when you aren’t looking. Guess we need to find another restaurant to eat. 

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It is interesting how an X can float when you least expect it.   Funny how BM is feathering her bed with her Aunt's hospice worker. smh

I was putting a ppt animated show together for my parents 50th anniversary (11yrs ago).  I was just about done when I Googled mom and dad to see what might come up that I could use.  A link to my XW popped up.

I clicked.  A couple of clicks later and the front page newspaper spread pops up on my XMIL being arrested by the Federal Marshals when leaving court after the family was sued by her employer for embezzling $Millions over 30yrs.  XMIL ended up a convict and in prison.

This was the family that packaged themselves as a pilar of the community. XFIL was on the City Council, etc, etc, etc....

XMIL's crimes were uncovered 9yrs after my divorce from their slimey whore daughter was final.


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I'm guessing that BM the drunk doesn't want to run into anyone she knows...

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That BM is a piece of work. I hope you can someday prosecute her for what she did with the pics. 

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for the replies.  She is a piece of work. 

I also hope someday I can prosecute her for what she did with the photos, as I think she may try to use them against me someday when I get out of school for NP and try for a job.  (As you know she STILL has them, she stole them from his account like four years ago!  If I don't get hired because of her I will have damages. 

This upcoming weekend she decided to "let" BF have SS more than usual, as he is supposed to drop off Sunday night (This is his weekend) and she texted him that he can keep SS an extra night and take school (Something she NEVER does…This woman ONLY does things that benefit her).

I said its obvious she is doing something this weekend, and this time he agreed (Years ago she asked BF if he could take SS on “her” weekend, saying some foolishness of how she wants them to “strengthen their relationship.”  I called BS and said she is up to something and he got angry and said she “realized the errors of her ways.”  A week later a Facebook friend of mine posted that he was at a wedding and who was in the background dancing? Yup BM.  Errors of her ways my butt!

Maybe we'll find out what she is up to this weekend if her friend posts something on the restaurant Facebook page!