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BM now claiming BF cheated?

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As you know we found that BM has/is having an emotional affair with her married boyfriend, the one she left BF/SS for, got dumped, came back and wanted her son back…..

And as you know I posted about how BF applied to be a field hockey coach and at the dinner he was ignored by all the “bigwigs.”  He was denied by the head of field hockey and filed a complaint with the organization.

They arranged a meeting.  Their reason for not hiring him? They accused him of cheating on BM with his ex-girlfriend. They said do not want coaches who are philanderers (Mind you he has been divorced from BM for about ten years, it is in court documents that she had her married boyfriend around SS when BF and her were separated).

He had two of his friends with him at the meeting (soccer dads) who were trying to talk but were shot down.  They kept bringing up him cheating on BM.  He had enough and respectively pulled his application. 

On a better note, he met a soccer coach from another town 30 minutes from here, at the market during a toy drive.  This soccer coach wants him to coach one of the teams, so it seems like he has a shot at coaching (The town is like 30 minutes away from us and at first he didn’t want to do the drive but now has decided he wants to do it.  The head coach gave him the “side eye” when he walked past him.  (These people know the soccer people although another town).

My issue is the now accusation of cheating.  Part of me says she is lying as if this were true, it would have come out in court/custody/police reports/her saying I am dangerous, ect.   What do you think? Do I have cause for concern?

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Google " the smear campaign".  That's what you are up against. might help you too.  

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Does it matter? I know there are those who think if he cheated on her, he will cheat on you. But personal experience tells me this isn't always true. No, it would not necessarily have come out in court, although you would think since her cheating was brought up in court that if he did it, his would have also been mentioned. Have you come out and asked him?

Given everything you have said about BM, I think she is lying. I think she would have said something about this long ago if it really happened. She just told the soccer people that to make your SO look bad. And for some reason they thought it was relevant to his coaching abilities.


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Him, he was telling me the story and said it wasn't true and said he never cheated on BM.

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They said do not want coaches who are philanderers 

Holier than thou group, they are. Do they investigate everybody or do they just take the word of accusers? 

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What's so unbelievable is they're bringing something up from years ago!  I would think that all the time BM tried to break us up, this story would have come out long ago.....just concerned as I don't want to be with someone who cheats....

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Have his lawyer file a cease and decist letter with the Hockey parent mafia, send a notarized copy of the court hearing minutes baring BM's lying ass and highlighting that there is zero evidence from the hearing that he ever cheated while there is fully documented proof that BM was a cheating whore.

And.. threaten a defamation of character suit. In fact, I would file it anyway and scare the entire holier than though hockey parent mafia into quivering appoplexy for their crap.

If I had polluted my gene pool with my XW, I would tolerate zero shit from her or from anyone she ever spoke with.  My fondest hobby would be forcing her face into her shit puddle of a gene pool each and every time she crawled out from under the rock at the bottom of her shallow and polluted end of my kid's gene pool.  Luckily, I am the successful swimmer in life and my "swimmers" were not. successful in their short and blessedly unproductive lives.


The very thought  of polluting my gene pool with that cheating skank whore is beyond nauseating.

Enjoy destroying this POS BM. Over, and over, and over gain shile sucking her network of busy body shit hockey parents down the vortex while you and DH vacuum out the ceptic tank BM wallows in.