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Meeting with BM in 35 minutes... I feel like I am gonna PUKE

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So, along with all of the crap that has been going on with BM and SS and the first week of school. We have also been in the midst of an "intervention" with FH's mom. Perfect timing, right? 10 days before our wedding and FMIL is staying in a crack motel because her hubby is sick of her pill popping antics. All of us kids (FH and his siblings) have decided it is time for her to hit ROCK bottom. We are not offering her any help OTHER THAN REHAB. Today is her last day in that motel, and she is out of money. She may very well be wondering the streets RIGHT NOW, with no where to live. I can't give in..I won't.

ANYWAYS, BM and I finally spoke yesterday and cleared the air. She had calmed down enough to hear me out and I was able to tell her that we don't do things to piss her off, we do them when they need to be done, and if she is not there to assist, then she is basically left out of the process... not out of spite, but out of... you had your chance. She understood. We came to an understanding and everything is fine EXCEPT a lingering chils support issue, which is why I am meeting with her this evening. WHY am I meeting with her, you may be wondering... well... over the past 24 hours there have been some MAJOR revolations. You won't believe this.

Since all of FMIL's kids have cut her off... guess who she called to take her to the "dr" to get her pills.... that's right BM!!! They normally HATE each other. But at this point they had ONE thing in common... they BOTH hated FH and I. So, BM in all her wisdom goes (with SS6) to this disgusting motel (I was scared to be there, it is seriously a crack motel) and they sit around and talk massive crap about FH and I IN FRONT OF SS. Then off they went to get FMIL seroquel lithium and vallium. HOW do I know this?? Well, first off.. SS tells us everything (totally unsolicited). I picked the kids up from school yesterday and we drop past a motel, SS says "is that grandma's motel?" Hmmmmmmmmmmm... how did he know she is in a motel??? So I dropped the kids off and called BM. Yep, she spilled her guts. She immediatly started crying she KNEW she messed up. And went on to tell me EVERYTHING. So now of course FMIL is mad at her and at me and at FH. But whatever... the funny thing is, now they are tattling on each other to us, so we found out about BM's medical marijuana card, her xanex perscription, AND her plan to take us to court the day before our wedding EX PARTE. Nice. FH is furious and has hired the TOP family attorney to nail her a$$ to the wall. And he is NOT joking around this time. He is not holding back. Unless I can talk some sense in to her right now... it is about to get REALLY ugly.

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What happened!

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You might want to let the lawyers handle this one. Hard to reason with unreasonable people.

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