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Keep Your Receipts People!

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This note is for my SS and his fiance (and my SD and her new hubby) - you need to stay married for at least 6 months if you want to keep the gifts you recieve at your wedding - we hope they all make it that long and longer - and that all of this crap they have put us through is just temporary insanity.

And for anyone who gives them a gift at their wedding, you might want to hang onto the receipts. Wink

According to Lizzie Post - (whom my SS and SD and their partners keep telling us doesn't know what she is talking about)...... Blum 3 Here is a quote from an article online about the Kardashian divorce situation.

Gee, if Lizzie doesn't know what she is talking about, why did the New York Daily News seek out her input? Biggrin

"The rule of thumb is if the marriage ends after just six months, you should return the unused gifts,” said Lizzie Post, author of Emily Post’s Etiquette 18th Edition. “After just 72 days, the gifts must be returned to the wedding guest.”

"If Kim and Kris want to keep it classy, they should also include handwritten notes, thanking the guest for his or her support and letting them know the union has been dissolved."

“The guest bought them that gift thinking it would be used in the marriage,” said Post. “It wouldn’t be proper etiquette to keep those gifts.”

Now, if my SS and his fiance can also listen to Lizzie Post when she says - NEVER include the gift registry in with your wedding invitations. This is what my SD and her new hubby did. Then when you checked their wedding registry, it was for a LOT of expensive gifts. It is TACKY! Hopefully, my SS and his fiance will not be making the same mistake. We can only hope. (roll eyes).

Also, do NOT use stick-on labels to address the wedding invitations - they should either be hand written or printed in "script" style at a printers.

And you should always include BOTH the husband and wife (Mr. AND Mrs. Dad) of your dad in the address on the wedding invitation. You don't leave the Step mother off the address in a passive-aggressive manner, because you aren't mature.

And it is the BEST MAN that is supposed to make the first speech and toast to the married couple - NOT THE MOM of the bride.

The list of the rude and immature things that my SD and her hubby allowed to happen at their wedding can go on and on, so I will stop. But basically, check with Lizzie Posts book "Emily Post's Etiquette 18th Edition" if you want to know how to do a traditional wedding with class!

You know, I thought I was over ranting on these boards, but every day something comes up that sets me off. Thanks all for putting up with my rants, and giving your good input. Smile Wink

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Thank you for posting this, it does seem like more and more people are forgetting the basic things that I thought everyone just knew. My own friends our guilty of it, then people just say it is our generation. I'm 24 but I still know the basic rules of etiquette and basic manners but these other people my age are giving us all a bad name with there selfishness and poor taste. My DH's best friend was married recently and they put there registry info in the invitation, I went online to check what they registered for and it was ridiculous. These aren't people with wealthy friends or family and almost everything on the registry was insanly high priced. The general rule I thought was that you had a variety of items at different price points so that people could shop of the regestry no matter there budget.

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No problem. You are dealing with idiots.

My mom was one that made sure I followed all the rules of etiquette for my first wedding. That is probably why I went off to Costa Rica for this one...Just immediate family and done the way I wanted...If the Stepkids weren't there it would have been perfect...They made it all about them or were just difficult...

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I am still at a loss for the poor stepmom who was wearing the red dress, when every one else was in gray for silver.

That post shook me to the core....

What is wrong with people today?

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My MIL wore red at my wedding but I didn't tell her to do it to be mean she did it all on her own. I told her my mother was wearing navy and then she came in a bright red dress, extremly formal. My wedding was outside and only had 45 people, was at 1:30 in the afternoon, and the groom and groomsman didn't even wear jackets and she wore a formal bright red dress.

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I was surprised to hear that now day it is OK for people(who are not in the wedding party)can wear WHITE! Of course the mother of the bride or groom should not do this. See Emily Post Etiquette book. Wink

As long as the white dress a guest wears is not super fancy or out-does the bride, it is ok - even pants suits in white.

I wore red to my SD's wedding, but it was a dark red dress with large cream colored flowers on it. It looked very nice.The bridesmaids wore the same solid color dark red - so I fit in. Blum 3

I didn't know when I made the dress it would have the same color red in it as the bridesmaids - no one kept us informed as to the colors. Besides, in this situation, I was considered a GUEST - I looked it up. Biggrin I could wear what I wished.

Just to make sure I wouldn't cause a riot, my DH asked my SD if I could wear the dress, and she said OK. Technically, I didn't have to ask her, but I thought I should - and she said yes - so it is on her if she was upset by my wearing that dress.

If you looked at some of the outfits worn by the guests to the Royal Wedding, especially the hats, it was interesting! Biggrin

What I find inappropriate is when guests wear dresses that are for "night clubbing" and not to be worn to a formal wedding. Sad

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"you need to stay married for at least 6 months if you want to keep the gifts you recieve at your wedding"

Soooo Kim Kardashian will be returning all those lavish gifts???? Lol

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YEP!!! She is supposed to do just that!

But not the cash she made off the wedding. She can keep that. Blum 3